Saturday, June 12, 2010

13 - 9 = 4

hurm.. i just came back from the night market and warta..
then, my mother and i went to buy KFC since my aunt will come to our house tonight..
well, my mother ordered the family plate set, which means that there should be 13 chickens..
but when we came back, we just realized that there were only 9 chickens.. where did the 4 chickens go?

my mom was very frustrated and angry.. the receipt? huh? she didn't give us the receipt ( the one who in charged to take the order from us)

i think that, next time, we should check it first.. well, that was too bad.. 4 chickens okay? not 1..
and now, i can't even eat the chickens since my mom said that we have to wait for my aunt first.. if there any leftovers, then i can eat..


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