Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my result..

hye guys..
it's been awhile i hadn't update my blog..
yeah, there's no enough time for me to blogging at the school..

this week, we got our result already..
about me?
mine was very bad i should say..
yeah, it's true..
maybe some people might say that my result was good..
but seriously man, that was very terrific for me..
i guessed i need to get up from my lazinees..
wake up hani..
the trial is just around the corner..
*long and deep sigh

without wax,

Saturday, June 19, 2010


hey guys.
well, it's me again..
it's already 4 am in the morning, and i haven't sleep yet..
too busy with my homeworks..
i still haven't finish it up..
my mom had already babbled at me.
next time, don't be so lazy y dear hani..
tomorrow, i have to go back to my hometown at Malacca..
and i really don't like it very much..

that's all i guess..
wish me luck.
till we meet again..

without wax,

Friday, June 18, 2010

morning :)


hello everyone!
just wanna drop by here and say,

Good morning!
have a nice day!

duh.. i still got my piles of homework to be done..
this will be a tiring day for me..
i promise..

without wax,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

hani's to-do-list..

so here it goes..

1. do my homework
2. do my homework
3. do my homework
4. do my homework

conclusion: hani, turn off the laptop and get back to your work now!

but i just can't..
so lazy..

without wax,

to my dearest friend...

Alhamdulillah, finally.. i get a chance to write on this blog again.. hahaha~ not online for a day seemed like not online for 10 days.. gosh.. i'm really a person-who-really-addicted-to-online!!
so, whatever it is.. my holiday is almost over, yet my homework hasn't done yet.. yeah, there are piles of homework to be done.. huhuhu~
so, whatever it is.. i would like to wish my friend, saz..

-May Allah bless you..
-Hope that you have a fabulous birthday!!
-All the best in whatever you do..
-May our friendship will last forever..

without wax,
your friend,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

to my friend, fateh izani..

hello fateh..
if you read this post, i just want to say...

so, May Allah bless u..

have a fabulous birthday and best of luck in your life :)

without wax,

hani yasmin yahaya :)

most popular show toppled..

'CSI' Catches the Most International TV-Watching Eyeballs
By Joseph Brannigan Lynch Monday, June 14, 2010, 11:48 AM
Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Langston.
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Last year, FOX's "House" claimed the title of most-watched TV program in the world, but this weekend a different TV drama reclaimed its status as the most popular show among international audiences.

CBS' long-running "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" toppled "House" with more than 73.8 million viewers worldwide, according to the esteemed Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

This isn't the first time the ten-year-old forensics crime drama has been declared the world's most popular show by the fest - in fact, the "CSI" franchise has dominated almost every year of the International TV Audience Award's five-year history. "
CSI: Miami" was the first show to be honored as the most-watched drama internationally in 2006, and its forerunner "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" took the award in 2007 and 2008. But the original "CSI" was bested in 2009 by "House," the same year it suffered a significant drop in ratings when the show's central character Gil Grissom (William Petersen) left in its ninth season.

[Photos: Stars of the world's most popular show]

Although its
U.S. ratings have begun to climb as people tune in to see Laurence Fishburne take over as the show's main character, it still hasn't wholly regained its prominence in the American market. But apparently when the world wants to watch a crime drama, "CSI" is still its number-one choice.

world's most-watched comedy has faced similar troubles retaining American viewers in recent years. The Monte-Carlo fest named ABC's "Desperate Housewives" the most popular comedy worldwide, even though American viewers have been gradually tuning out for some time. This international adoration for the "Desperate Housewives" might give some consolation to the women of Wisteria Lane, especially after the show hit its all-time ratings low last month in key demographics.

As for "CSI's" future, box office domination could be the next step. Departed lead character William Petersen told fans that Gil Grissom will be leaving his fingerprints on the silver screen in an upcoming "CSI" movie. While production hasn't started yet, Petersen told TV Guide
the jump to the big screen will happen while the show is still on-air: "We can't wait for ‘CSI' to end or Grissom will be about 90."

Source: http://tv.yahoo.com/blog/csi-catches-the-most-international-tvwatching-eyeballs--1319

hehehe~ interesting isn't?
well, 'csi' is my one of my favourite TV shows, and not to forget 'house' too.. but, i can't follow it since i'm now studying at the boarding school, which means that no TV at all, and NO ASTRO of course!

and as for me, i really think that 'CSI: Crime Scence Investigation' and 'CSI:NY' are much better than 'CSI:Miami'.. i know that, there are many people out there disagree with me, but hey.. that's my opinion okay?
hahaha~ don't be mad at me..

with all due and respect, (ahhh..i love this quote, and i haven't used it in my blog after quite sometime..)

Monday, June 14, 2010

i love boarding school!!

Hurmm.. today.. my life went as usual.. well, it was somehow, a boring life actually.. you wouldn’t like it.. I could guaranteed that. So, today, I woke up at 5 am. My mom asked me to fast together since my entire family were fasting.. well, today was 1st Rejab (idk,correct me if I’m wrong)..but I said to my mom that I didn’t want to, since I have my extra classes today, and it was a very long,long extra classes.. well, it was from 8am till 5pm.. ( that’s very long isn’t?) so, I continiued to sleep until 6.30am.. (hehehe~)

Then I woke up. After performed my Subuh prayer, I went down and searched for food. Yeah, God knew how much I was starving since I hadn’t took any single rice yesterday.. hahaha~ but that’s not mean I was putting myself on diet okay? I didn’t know.. I just felt not in mood to eat rice.. =.=

Well, after I had my heavy breakfast, I went to the centre.. I was late actually. (it’s not late actually.. but usually I came before 8am, but today I came about 8.10 am).. so the class started quite late actually (heck, I hate that!).. the teacher came quite late.. but it’s okay since I got enough chance to do my PAI homework.. hehehe~ but the thing I hate the most is that, when the teacher turned up late, still, there were some students playing around. Gosh! Do you realize that you’ll sit for SPM this year? And do you realize that the SPM is just around the corner? The trial is just couples of months from today.. ohmigod! I bet you guys don’t realize it.. oh maybe, you guys are well prepared for it..( but I don’t think so..) O_o

Hurm.. that’s the real life people.. I don’t want to be buyers or something.. ( did I spell the word correctly?).. but, to me, students from the boarding school is much, much, much better than students from daily school.. you know why? Well, to my opinion, the students from the boarding school have a great attitude.. well, not that 100% good.. I know,some of them are not that good.. ( remember, everybody is not perfect!).. let me give you some situations so that you can judge by yourself..

First, when the teacher turned up late today, there were some of us stayed in the room, read the book, did some revison… and mostly, they were boarding school students.. ( I must admit that, there were some daily school students, but the ratio was not that high..) but the rest, and boys especially.. they were busy chatting and playing around while waiting for the teacher at the outside of the class… I’m not saying that I’m good, and the rest of my friends were totally bad.. and I’m not saying that we, the boarding school’s students are very,very clever..but the thing is, you can see the differences between students who have been trained with discipline and rules, instead of students who just learned about discipline and rules only in school, not 100% like us, the boarding school students.. ( except for those who really have strict parents..) and when it comes to Zuhur prayer, I could see that, some of the boys, didn’t performed their solat.. and they were basically students from the daily school..

Haisy.. I’m sorry if this post made u feel angry to me, I couldn’t judge people straight away just like that right? Hurm.. but, in the other hands, I saluted for those who are very ambitious.. well, this week, I have met some new friends.. and to be truth, they were far too good I guess, compared to the boarding school’s students like me.. they knew how to manage their time,what they want to be, what they would do after SPM.. but in boarding school, we have to follow the timetable that were made for us.. that’s the big difference..they became more independent.. hahaha~ as for me? I wouldn’t be that much good either..( I must admit that, I was too much ‘bergantung’ to prep hours..hahaha)

Before I pen off, I would like to appologize for my harsh words, my rudeness and all that stuffs made you feel irritated to me.. I know this post was kinda hurt.. I’m sorry..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

happy birthday..

hurm.. today is my friends' birthday, nawi and syahirah jafri..
well, i would like to wish you guys,


if you guys read this post.. hahaha~ no offense okay?

p/s: thanks a lot nawi for calling me this afternoon.. it's great to get a chance to talk with you again.. i'm just hoping that you can be stronger after what had happened to you.. btw, congratulation for making 3.85 for this semester..keep up the good work! :)


i'm so sorry.. my last post, which is ..
the poem about school life is troublesome..
i'm sorry..

school life

About school life - Teachers, friends, and daily routines.
School life

© Cheryl Theseira

School is a daily routine for us
In the morning, we're sure to make a fuss
Even when the sun is still not up,
Here we are, awake at 6am sharp

We feel that school is such a bore
We feel that school is such a chore
Parents say, “School’s great! Now, go!”
We say, “Well, what do you know?”
Late a minute and we have to run
Eyes half open, shoelaces undone
We reach school and we see our friends,
Immediately, the torture ends
We have a chat and go with the flow
Then the bell rings, it is time to go
We may at times find school stressful
To have some fun, we have to bend some rules
Talk back to teachers, and detention we serve
No doubt, it is sometimes what we deserve
Sometimes they are as cold as ice
And other times they're actually really nice
They teach us and give us a helping hand
They’re forever ready to listen and be a friend
They have built much confidence in us
Just not when they are being really harsh
Over the years of education,
Never have we had so much learning with action
Such as camps, experiments, concerts and activities
We’ve learnt so much and even saved the trees
A wise teacher once said aloud
-Success is failure turned inside out
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit
Some may see school as a torture chamber
Some cannot wait for the holidays in December
But it depends on how we look at school
Honestly, positively, school is cool!

i like this poem.. hahaha~ yeah, that's true..
school is so much fun and cool..
eventhough somehow i feel so sick about it..
i just realize that this year is my senior year.. after this, no more school..
hurm.. i'm going to miss the school life..

does the school is killing you?

that's for sure,people :)

england vs usa (1-1)

hurm.. yesterday, i watched the match between argentina and nigeria..
well, it was kinda boring game actually..
hahaha~ messi was not that good during the match..
argentina won 1-0 against nigeria..

and as for england.. they drew 1-1 with usa..
gerrard scored..
oh well.. that's not a good game for england i guess.. they should won the game.. ( according to my friend, nawi..)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

new template

i realize that blogger has new templates right?
ah, i don't want to change my layout..
sorry, but still.. i love this layout..
maybe after some time since i just edit my layout recently..

13 - 9 = 4

hurm.. i just came back from the night market and warta..
then, my mother and i went to buy KFC since my aunt will come to our house tonight..
well, my mother ordered the family plate set, which means that there should be 13 chickens..
but when we came back, we just realized that there were only 9 chickens.. where did the 4 chickens go?

my mom was very frustrated and angry.. the receipt? huh? she didn't give us the receipt ( the one who in charged to take the order from us)

i think that, next time, we should check it first.. well, that was too bad.. 4 chickens okay? not 1..
and now, i can't even eat the chickens since my mom said that we have to wait for my aunt first.. if there any leftovers, then i can eat..


Thursday, June 10, 2010

11th June

Hi everyone!
it's me again..

i know, the blog's name had been changed..
just to make a new look for my blog..
okay, whatever it is..
tomorrow is 11th June..
I believe that most people in this entire world can't wait for tomorrow..
guess what?

that's right..
it is...........

i come from a family that really loves football.. (well except for my mother and my brother #2)
eventhough we are not the die-hard fans.. but still, we follow all the latest news about football..

The World Cup event is an event that will be held in every four years.. and for this year, South Africa is the host for this global event.32 countries participate in this international event. This official event of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ is organised by FIFA, streetfootballworld, the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee South Africa and the City of Johannesburg.

and as for me.. my favourite team will be England.. hahaha~ i don't know.. but i just love England..maybe because there is my favourite player there.. hahaha~
p/s: can't wait for Malaysia team to be qualified to World Cup.. I wonder when it will be.. *sigh..
never mind, "Malaysia Boleh!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i just can't get it...


hurm.. yesterday, i went to the night market ( a.k.a pasar malam) with my mom and my annoying brother ( he such a jerk,really..) after i had finished mu extra class at 5.00 p.m.
then, my mother when to browse the scarfs.. the scarfs that nowadays women love to wear it.. the Ariani scarf.. but these were not Arianis, but it just the brand that were not so famous like Ariani. hahaha~ whatever..

i didn't want to talk about it.. the point is that, i wanted to share with you guys, 2 situations that i just can't get it..

1st situation

when i was waiting for my mom to choose the scarf.. suddenly, something caught on my eyes.. hahaha~ guess what?
i saw a woman sold the scarfs! the scarfs were vast.. but the thing is that.. that woman herself didn't wore a scarf.. hahaha~ that's funny isn't it? you sold the scarf, but you didn't wore it..
i didn't know.. but in my opinion, it sounded very funny.. i'm sorry if my opinion didn't seem like you guys..
but that's it.. i just can't get it.. i really appreciated that you asked every muslimah to wore scarf, but how about you? did you?

2nd situation

for this school holiday, i had extra classes for add math, chemistry and physics.. yeah, the killing subjects right?
hurm.. that was not my point.. what i want to talk about is that, some how, i saw some girls wore scarf, but they didn't cove their aurat in a proper way.. well, their clothes were not completely covered their aurat.. yes i know, i'm not that good like an angel.. but still, didn't you feel awkward? i felt very awkward if i put myself on that situation.. yes i know.. i made mistakes.. many mistakes.. my solat (especially..), the way i acted.. i know.. i'm not perfect.. but i think.. i have to try, to change myself..
i don't know, somehow.. i feel that, my iman goes upside down.. at school, i think.. i'm far better that by myself at home... i don't know..that's what i feel...

but whatever it is.. i think, we have to change.. I'm not saying that i'm alim or what-it-call.. i don't wear handsocks or tudung labuh.. but as a muslimah, it's my responsibilities right, to advice?

lastly, I'm sorry for my harsh words and my rudeness.. SORRY...
just hope for the best...

Wassalam.. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

no topic..

ah.. i had no idea what to write on..

my first day..

hurm.. today i had my first extra class..
well, it was from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm..
so long right?
and i was completely exhausted!!
never mind..
this is for my own good too..
well, this year is my senior year..my final year of schooling..
hurmm.. so i have to put on more effort to strive for infinite excellence( same goes on as tgb's tagline, hehehe)

my homework? still untouched.. haiya.. how come i want to finish it?
i was so busy currently...
no matter what it is..
i have to do it..

(suddenly become so 'semangat')


p/s: my mp4 had turn to normal back.. Alhamdulillah~ praise be to Allah

Monday, June 7, 2010

h is for homework

yeah, school holiday is not complete without homework.

that's the fact if you are schooling in the boarding school instead of ordinary secondary school..
it may seemed like some sort of burden to you, but i guess it's for our own good too..

( yeah, that's what everybody keep talking about.. just to make their heart smile back after received tons, tons, tons of homework)
(this picture is taken from the web,it's not mine actually)

whatever it is.. my new resolution is.. i want to make sure that my homework is finished before i go back to my college..

well, spm is just around the corner..
maybe just about a month from now..
time goes by so quickly..

new look

hey, welcome to my blog..
i'd made some you know.. a new touch up for my blog..
nothing to do..
i'd been online since 10.30 ( i guessed) and now, i'm writting for this entry..
the clock showed that it is 1.10 am right now..

p/s: what the heck is going on with my mp4? oh, no! please...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

oh my mp4...

oh no.. my mp4 is having a trouble right now..
i don't know..
it doesn't work out as always..
what is happening?
please don't say that is.....
oh no..

what am i gonna do?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya...

saya ingin berkongsikan kepada anda semua sebuah cerita yang dipetik daripada cerita seorang sahabat baik saya, Cik F.

saya ada seorang sahabat baik, Cik F namanya.. pada hari terakhir sesi persekolahan sebelum cuti mid-sem yang lepas, yakni pada hari jmaat yang lalu, Cik F ingin ke kelas bagi mengambil barangnya yang tertinggal. Cik F pun pergilah berseorangan ke blok akademik.

Selepas Cik F mengambil barang-barangya, tiba-tiba mata Cik F terpandang akan sepasang tupai di dalam kelas ( bukan kelas Cik F).

Wah,wah!! Bukan main mesra tupai-tupai ini, bentak hati Cik F. Tupai-tupai itu hanya berdua, bukan bertiga, bukan berempat.. (tapi saya dan Cik F amat pasti, mereka bertiga. cuma pihak ketiga itu tidak nampak dengan mata kasar manusia)

Cik F sangat terkejut tatkala melihat aksi dua ekor tupai tersebut.. mana taknya, keletah tupai-tupai tersebut ibarat sepasang kekasih sedang bercinta. Cik F begitu teruja dan ingin menyiasat perkara itu dengan lebih mendalam lagi.

Cik F terus mengekori tupai-tupai itu, sehinggalah ke bilik guru. Cik F pun pergi ke bilik guru dan terserempak pula dengan sahabat kami, Cik U. Cik F pun menceritakan peristiwa yang berlaku sebentar tadi pada Cik U.

Dipendekkan cerita, Cik F ternampak, dua ekor tupai tadi. Mereka ingin berpisah. Selepas mengucapkan kata-kata selamat tinggal.. (barangkali, kebarangkaliannya 1)

tupai-tupai itu pun berpisah..

Selepas berpisah, Cik F pun berjalan di belakang cik tupai jantan.. Hati Cik F membuak-buak ingin menzahirkan amarahnya kepada cik tupai jantan itu..

Akhirulkalam, Cik F berjaya juga menzahirkan perasaan amarahnya itu..
"Seronok duduk berdua tadi?"
itulah perkataan yang terpacul daripada mulut Cik F. Cik F tidak pasti, adakah sang tupai jantan itu mendengarkannya, tetapi kebarangakalian untuk sang tupai tersebut dengar amat tinggi.

Firman Allah dalam Surah Al-‘ankabut(29), ayat 38:
“Dan setan menjadikan mereka memandang baik perbuatan-perbuatan mereka, lalu ia menghalangi mereka dari jalan (Allah), sedangkan mereka adalah orang-orang yang berpandangan tajam.”.
Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a katanya, Nabi S.A.W. bersabda :
“Sesungguhnya Allah Ta’ala telah menetapkan nasib anak Adam mengenai zina. Tidak mustahil dia pernah melakukannya. Zina mata ialah memandang. Zina lidah ialah berkata. Zina hati ialah keinginan dan syahwat,sedangkan faraj (kemaluan) hanya menuruti atau tidak menuruti”
Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a., dari Nabi S.A.W. sabdanya:
“Nasib anak Adam mengenai zina telah ditetapkan. Tidak mustahil dia pernah melakukannya. Dua mata, zinanya memandang. Dua telinga, zinanya mendengar. Lidah, zinanya berkata. Tangan, zinanya memukul. Kaki, zinanya melangkah. Hati, zinanya ingin dan rindu, sedangkan faraj (kemaluan) hanya mengikuti atau tidak mengikuti.”
Sekali lagi ditegaskan, bercinta sebelum berkahwin dan ber‘couple’ adalah menghampiri zina. Ia adalah perbuatan yang dilarang dalam Islam dan hukumnya adalah HARAM. Wallahua’lam.

pemimpin yang berkaliberkah anda?

Assalamualaikum wbt..


apakah itu pemimpin?

pemimpin (kata nama) :Bersinonim dengan ketua kerajaan, perdana menteri, ketua menteri, gabenor, menteri besar, menteri, amir, umarak, ulil amri, ulul amri, penghulu, penggawa, batin, undang lurah; jeneral, panglima, laksamana, fil marsyal, komander; ketua, ketua pengarah, pengarah, pengetua, pengerusi, pengurus, pengurus besar, ketua eksekutif, bos; konduktor; nakhoda, juragan, malim, jurumudi, kapten; nabi, rasul, imam, paus;

seperti yang kita ketahui, secara umumnya, tugas pemimpin adalah untuk memimpin anak buahnya supaya satu kelompok, komuniti atau organisasi itu dapat berjalan dengan lancar..

itu secara umunya yang saya rasa semua orang tahu..

namun hakikatnya di sini, bagaimana untuk menjadi seorang pemimpin yang berkaliber dan disegani ramai?

-adakah dengan paras rupa yang menawan dan memikat hati?

-adakah dengan kepetahan anda berbicara di khalayak ramai?

-adakah dengan ramai sokongan daripada teman seperjuangan?

saya bukannya seorang yang pakar berbahasa-basi cuma ingin menyatakan pendapat saya..

secara jujur dan ikhlas, sebagai seorang pelajar sekolah, saya mengharapkan seorang pemimpin yang berkaliber, berdedikasi, berwibawa dan disegani ramai untuk memipin para pelajar di sekolah saya. Hal ini amat enting kerana pada tahun ini, saya dan rakan-rakan saya akan menduduki SPM, yang akan menetukan arah tuju kami kelak..

Sebenarnya terdapat beberapa item yang memungkinkan pemimpin itu untuk benar-benar ‘menjadi’ dan orang yang dipimpin menerima nikmat kepemimpinan. Bukan hanya terpimpin dengan selamat di dunia, malah juga di akhirat nanti. Sepertimana pesan seorang guru kepada anak muridnya ; ["Pemimpin yang baik,mampu menjadikan orang yang dipimpinnya sebagus atau lebih bagus dari ia"]

Item pertama pemimpin ialah iman.

Secara ringkas, iman itu ada tiga implikasi, iaitu ‘imun’, ‘aman’ dan ‘amin’.

-Imun maknanya kebal daripada maksiat serta kebal daripada sogokan dan pujukan.

-Aman maknanya dia berasa aman bila bersama Allah, malah di depan orang dia baik, di belakang orang pun dia tetap baik.

-Amin pula maknanya orang yang boleh dipercayai. Apabila sudah dipercayai barulah layak menerima amanah.

di sini saya ingin menyatakan bahawa, seorang pemimpin itu haruslah menjaga dirinya supaya tidak terjebak dengan maksiat.. bukan untuk memuji diri ini baik.. tidak sama sekali.. memang benar, manusia memang tidak lari daripada melakukan khilaf dan dosa.. begitu juga dengan insan seperti saya ini.

Namun begitu, harus diingat.. kita hendaklah sentiasa berwaspada dan berhati-hati agar tidak terjerumus ke arah maksiat..

saya amat pasti, semua pelajar sebaya dengan saya sudah mampu untuk berfikir mana yang baik dan mana yang buruk..

jangan jadi seorang yang hipokrit.. bila jawab kertas peperiksaan agama islam, semua tahu jawab, kelebihan menjaga batas-batas pergaulan ialah dapat mengelakkan diri daripada terjerumus ke arah maksiat... namun, di manakah amal nya?

Ilmu tanpa amal ibarat pokok tidak berbuah..

Item kedua ialah ilmu kepemimpinan.

Kepemimpinan bukannya secara spontan atau pakai tangkap muat sahaja, sebaliknya mesti ada ilmu. Apabila kepemimpinan itu ialah cara menggunakan pengaruh untuk mempengaruhi pengikut mencapai matlamat yang digarap, maka, jika tidak ada ilmu berkaitan kepemimpinan, nanti kita pula yang dipimpin oleh mereka.

Item ketiga ialah ’kepimpinan diri’.

Bagaimana kita boleh memimpin orang lain kalau diri kita tidak terpimpin? Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w bermaksud ; [“Setiap kamu adalah pemimpin dan setiap kamu akan diminta bertanggungjawab terhadap apa yang kamu pimpin”].

Sebagai seorang pemimpin, kita harus sedar yang kita ini merupakan suri teladan kepada anak buah kita. Segala tindak tanduk kita diperhatikan.. oleh itu, kita jangan lah melakukan perkara-perkara yang boleh menyebabkan anak buah hilang kepercayaan dan 'respect' terhadap diri kita.. Untuk memimpin orang, kita harus perbetulkan diri kita dahulu. yang mana salah perbetulkan dulu.. baru boleh tegur anak buah..

sebagai contoh, seorang pemimpin mestilah menjaga kehormatan dan maruah dirinya.. jangan terlibat dengan perkara-perkara yang tidak elok yang mana boleh menjatuhkan nama baiknya.. kalau lah seorang pemimpin itu melakukan perkara tidak elok, sudah pasti anak buah tidak mahu untuk mengikut pemimpin tersebut, lantaran itu, organisasi itu tidak bersatu padu dan akhirnya runtuh..

bukan niat saya untuk menjatuhkan mana-mana pihak, kerana saya juga seorang pemimpin. ini sebagai peringatan untuk diri saya dan juga orang lain.. moga kita semua dapat bersatu hati agar kejayaan milik kita bersama..

Patah kemudi perahu hanyut.


TGB is #1!!!

nota: siapa yang makan cili dialah yang terasa pedasnya..harap maaf atas kekasaran bahasa.. moga kita semua mendapat keberkatan daripada Allah SWT dalam apa jua perkara yang kita lakukan..

i'm home!!!

yeah. currently i was at my home sweet home..
i'd been missed you A LOT!!!
hurmm.. 2 weeks of school holidays..
after 3 weeks struggled with tons of books, stressful weeks of exam..
yeah, i guessed that we deserved to have school holidays.. but still..
there's tons of homeworks with us..
no matter what it is..

" we shoot for the moon, and we never miss it! SPM straight A+"

Ahh.. i missed my carrier tag already.. (hahaha~)