Wednesday, May 12, 2010

once upon a time in chemistry lab..


hye i'm back!!

i'm currently now at my home.. hahaha~

i got mc for a week since i had a fever, and the doctor recommended me to go back home since she taught i might have an ILI ( 2nd virus after H1N1)..

hurm.. last week, during chemistry period.. our class were having an experiments which was conducted by our teacher, Pn Normah. she was the only one who did all the things since she didn't want us to do the experiment.. ( it would be somekind of 'leceh' if we did it..hahaha)

while she was busy explaining to us this and that, i was listening carefully to her explainations, without realizing that i was sitting in front of the heating test tube.. she also didn't realize that she had heated the test tube strongly, not gently as the instuctions had said..



The chemicals in the test tube burst outside.. and it had caused stained on my school uniform.. huwaaaa!!!! my blue school uniform had turned to turquoise.. i quickly washed the stained.. but it didn't work out.. and poor amalina (ama).. her mouth was somekind of 'pedih' since dia terkena juga bhn kimia tu..

what a nightmare!!!

the most unfogettable memory during chemistry period.. :)

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