Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ciumlah ayah sebelum ciuman terakhir..

hurm.. based on the topic above, it was actually cerpen yg baru dibaca sebentar tadi di lmn web

sangat sebak bila baca..

Ya Allah.. mmg sedih sgt2..

air mata ni dh mengalir kluar je rse..

psi pun psi la..


x kesah pun..

still. i was very touched with the story..
utk pengetahuan semua, aku ni bukan nyer jenis yg rapat gila dgn ayah sendiri..
well, i'm a girl..
so lagi rapat dgn mak..
tp.. still.. aku tetap syg dia.. the most unforgottable memory was bila ayah aku disahkan menghidap penyakit nanah dlm otak..
masya-Allah.. Allah shj la yg tahu bertapa sedih nye dgr..
dh la time tuh ak drjh 5.. masih mentah..
and skrg..syukur Alhamdulillah.. ayah aku masih lg bernafas di bumi-Nya..
begitu juga dgn ibuku yg tidak jemu2 dan rasa serik menjaga ayahku tatakala dia sakit pada ketika itu..

x leh nk copy paste kt sini since ade prob..

i don't know why..

try la carik ea..

baca la..

semoga mendapat iktibar..


it's me again..



it's me again..


well, today seemed like there's no homework at all..

at least, there's no homework which i need to pass up for tomorrow class..


Thank God!

hurm.. i actually wanted to download some songs.. but currently, the Net was not working properly..

jeez.. the net at the psi was too slow.. huhuhu~

btw, i just got my history marks for today..

Alhamdulillah, i got 92.. (it supposed to be 93 cuz there was a mistake there..)

but i'm now afraid of my bio, add math and english papers.. i hope that i would get better result.. Ameen..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


hye guys..
it's me again..
well, i wrote this thing at the psi..
i just had my bm extra class,...
well.. i was so sleepy..
we were asked to do an essay by mr.daud..
but i was so tired and lazy to do it..
sorry teacher..
but next time i'll do it okay?
i'm not saying that i didn't even do what he asked for..
i did.. but i didn't finished it..
if he asked us to pass up the essay, then i'll be dead!

okay, i already had got my results..
not all of them.. some..

here it goes..

BM - 75 (A-)
MM- 87 (A)
Physics - 64 (B)
PSV - 82 (A-)

oh.. well.. it was somekind of **** right? well, my results were very disaster! hurm.. but anyway, alhamdulillah.. i still managed to improve my physics even the other subjects were badly dropped like hell.. T_T

i just so scared to know how my add math would be.. ahhh.. just hiope for the best..
please pray for me okay?

(i'll be home by this friday! yahoo!!! home sweet home!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

went out with topaz 3...

yeah, it's me again.. hahaha~

well, the standardized test was over today.. so, it's the perfct time i guess to relax my mind.. hahaha~

so.. last err.. i didn't even rember when.. but i guess on last 15th april, my homeroome went out to datahran pahlawan and mahkota parade with our homeroom advisor, mrs idamadiha and her cute little princess, alia..


first, we went to buy ticket for the movie ' how to train your dragon'.

we went to watch the 3-D movie.. yeah, my homeroom advisor was very excited about it.. she was the one who recommended to us about it..

hurm.. after that, we went off for lunch at 'kedai mamak'.. i just had a fried rice..

after that, we went to the theatre to watch the movie..

hurm.. then, we went to perform Zuhur prayer... the boys9 Asrul espcially) said that they wanted to go for karoeke. (did i spell the word right?)

but unfortunately, it was very expensive there.. then we immediately proceed to our next agenda, which was to play bowling.. before that, haslina, syasya and I dropped by at the supermarket to buy some stuffs..

i wasn't good enough at playing bowling., (sigh)

well, mrs ida managed to beat all of us..

hurm.. that was the first time ever i played bowling..


hurm.. then after that, mai. ama went to play at the archade.. asrul and haslina joined them too.. i was just standing there with ain-looked at them.... =.=

it was a very memorable day i should say..
but then.. the worst thing was, our outing card were taken by ust hambali and were suspended.. (err.. actually kne gantung) from outing. (long sigh..)

hurm.. benjo also too! :)
hahaha~~ (evil laugh)

that's all i guess..
see ya' later..

* photos will be upload then.. wait ya'! :)


hye there..
first and foremost, alhamdulillah.. the exam finally was over..
This week was a very stressful week for me.. ( so do all my friends I guess)
Well basically, the exam was too bad, I should say it..

i didn't what to say..
my bio, add math and physics were the worst for me..
maybe some of us said that add math paper was some kind of easy..
what the heck with that?
i still can't answer some of the question..
aiya.. hani.. next month would be May (yeah, you'll turn 17 of course)..
yet, the spm is just near the corner..
bear in mind hani!!!!

i just hoped for the best.. i hoped that this exam would be much better that before..
Oh Allah, please..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

so long..

assalamualaikum w.b.t

yay!! at last, i got a chance to write on this blog back! hooray!!

ok.. enough for that..

so, there are lots of stories that i wanna shared..

hurm.. which one should be started first?

okay, let's started with my latest result..

i had got it all..

hurm.. so far.. it was bad, really bad i should say.. but.. err.. wait a second.. i had mention about this before, hadn't i?

SO..enough for the UPSS thingy.. i hate to talk about it too much =.=


about the sports day..

well, it was awesome.. really do..

the best i should say, rather than last year.. maybe it was because this years was our senior year, so world domination i think.. (am i right?)

so,the sports event.. hahaha~i hadn't participate in any of it.. just being a cheerleader, which was not too supportive.. hahaha~just support some of them.. especially the blue house!! Yay!!hahaha~

but anyway.. i was the one who incharged in making the mascot for the blue house..hurm..

i accepeted it..with the help from my friends, the mascot had successfully done.. our theme for this year was eragon.. ( i had no idea for the first time on how to make that thing..)

but, to make it worst..i had to stay all night... to finish that silly eragon stuffs.. i was exausted.. and then slept about 3.43am..'

then, the next morning, fateh went to my room and woke me up.. %@#&!!!! it was 6.54 am.. i quickly jumped out from my bed and rushed to the toilet to take wudhu'.. huwaa!!! i didn't go to surau for subuh.. T_T.. so that morning, my mood was so not into the sport event because i kept thinking about it.. ahaahaha~~

and yesterday.. i received a punishment from the warden.. huhuhu~now i was relieved! luckily the warden did not asked me to fill the borang tertuduh.. alhamdulillah.. :)