Thursday, February 25, 2010

recess time!

okay guys..
i'm at the school library a.k.a psi @psp right now..
today, all the tgbians are allowed to go home..
and apparantly,
i'm NOT coming home..

i bet you'll ask me so..
my family will be off to langkawi this friday..
i guess i had told you before on my last post.. (i think so)
so what i've to do is just stay at this college..
plus, my silat tournament is just around the corner..
but to be truth..
our practices weren't that good..
i don't know..
i'm so tension right now..
'till we meet again ya'!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the break is over..


yes,yes and yes!!!
i know, i know, i know..
the chinese new year holiday is over for me today.. =.=
that is so awful..
the time had passed and i felt that this break was so short!
i wanna more holidays!! ( can i? )

well, tomorrow, the form four student will enroll our college..
you're very welcome you guys..
i hope that you'll adapt to the environment..
don't be too homesick..
it's okay if you feel so on the first one or two weeks..
but come on..
don't be so pompous ( sorry if i don't spell it right, have to rush)..
enjoy your life at TGB!

that's all from me now..
i've to go...
my stomach had sing happy-happy..
(well that means i'm really starving.. haven't breakfast yet)

see ya' later..

p/s: i haven't finish my homework yet!!!!!!!! shhhusssh..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i'm back..
so, this week is the most tiring week i guess.
everybody kept saying that.. (including myself.HAHAHA)

i hadn't got enough sleep for this entire week.
well, there are lots, lots and lots of homework to be finished..
(did i say lots just now?)
the teachers gave us tons of homework.. seemed like we had school holidays.. duhh..
ahh.. stop complaining hani!

so, this week..
or to be more specific, yesterday..
we had a drama competition..
all the 5th formers were asked to do that..
it was compulsory for us and 20% for our coursework i think..
ah..whatever it is..

i didn't know if my class got a chance to win that..
(i didn't expect anything higher from it..hahaha)
you know what..
kalud @ adam, was our main character..
he had been punched by syahmi at his nose..
it was actually one of the scenes in our sketches..
but it turned out, syahmi punched him a little bit over i think..
so pity for kalud..
well, at first, he seemed to be relax and didn't mind it..
he asked the rest of us to continue..
suddenly, he was bleeding..
we're so shocked.. :O
miss zie, the english teacher asked us to stop, the rest of the class continue..

thank God that Kalud was okay after that.. but he wasn't in mood to act ..
i understood.. -.-

whatever it is.. i shall pray for him to get well soon..
same goes to ama.. she had sprained her leg too yesterday while we were playing basketball..
get well soon too okay?


(if u want to watch the video, i'll tell u guys a.s.a.p..
my classmate had recorded it..
maybe she will post it in facebook..)

btw, this morning, i became the MC during the roll call..
as usual.. stage fright.. well.. i'm a major stage freak!
no doubt about it..

that's all i guess..
...log off..

btw, here's the url of the video..