Thursday, January 28, 2010


well guys..
i was kinda happy yesterday..
u know why?
ouh well, Cikgu Huda, my previous Art teacher at Gerik MJSC will be moved to TGB!!

i was so happy and..
i didn't know what to describe more..
my heart leapt with joy!
i have my art class right now.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

homeworks yet to be done..

ouh well.. this week is kinda a tiring week i should say..

i was so exhausted..

my mood was not really good either..


sorry guys if i'd hurt u..


hye guys..
first and foremost,
i would like to say that i was so relieved today..
because of what?

well basically..
i'd already submitted my thesis!!!!!!!


but seriously..
i was kinda glad because i managed to finish it up..
there were so many difficulties during the process of finish that project..
i would like to take this opportunity,
to thanked my GREATEST MOM!!!
without her.. i can't make it..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the break is over..

hye, first of all..
i'm really sorry cuz i haven't update my blog since last 3 weeks..
i was really, really busy now..
being a form 5 student is seriously ..err.. i don't know how to describe it..
but, your life will be upside down if u can't manage your time wisely..

i know that

form 5 = senior year = world domination

hehehe~ am i right?

many things had happened to me after schooling for three weeks..
first, my handphone .. i had to give it to the wardens.. basically, all of us..
yeah.. my life was somehow quite miserable without it!

secondly, my super duper and lovely Art's teacher,
Pn Zarifah had moved..
she had to.. ( i don't really understand the conflict or the situation is.. the management know better than myself..)

it was really sad since we are going to sit for SPM this year..
that is really awful..

last week, i had a camp at Kem Rejimen 514 Askar Wataniah, Bukit Beruang..
hahaha~ ala-ala army !!!
it was really fun i should say..
even though i was so exhausted after came back from the camp!

err.. last tuesday..
i entered a Spelling Bee competition which was held at my college..
Man.. it was disaster i should say..
but at least i had tried my best..
i didn't want to recall it back..

actually, i was stucked with my sem project which i hadn't finish it yet!
we're near to the deadline..
man.. i was hoping that i could finish it up by this week..
i felt that i want to vomit right now..

ok.. i guess that's all from me ..
will write again then..

without wax,

hani yasmin haji yahaya a.k.a hyhy

Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy new year!

it's a new year right now!
the 2009 had left, and 2010 had just begun yesterday..
hopefully it's not too late for me to say


ok.. whatever..

so, i haven't finish up my homework yet!
(that was sooooo bad since i never done that before!)

speaking about the new year, well.. my resolution?
still the same as usual i guess..

1. i want to be a good child that always obey to my parents and teachers
2. get straight 10A+ for my trial and SPM
3. get a scholarship to further my study (is that too early? never mind)
4. never be too LAZY.. SPM is all the way!
5. never play and sleep during the class or prep hours.. (heck! hahaha~ that sounds really difficult for me..)
6. get 4.00!!
7. ___________

ah.. that's all i guess..
do no know what to list more..
i got so much things to say, but i was totally not into the mood to type it .. (duh!)

actually what i want to say is about LIST.. yeah..

i love lists.. i make them since i was eleven (if i'm not mistaken) after i read a storybook.. ( idk what the title is)..

and yes, i make a list of things to do after the class especially and at the start of each holiday.

so, my 2010 list went something out like this:

1. study smart
2. able to manage my time wisely
3. do not spend my money all the time at KOOP (hahaha~ )
4. go out for riadah!!

it was short since i hate to type more and more..
that's all i guess..

need to finish up my essay..
urghhh!! :(