Thursday, December 30, 2010

A trip to Beijing, China

First day (22/12/2010)-Departed from KLIA at 12.30 a.m. I had my breakfast inside the plane. The menu was Nasi Lemak with tea. Our flight, MH370 arrived at Beijing (Peking) International Airport around 6.00 a.m. I was being informed that the temperature was -2°C. When I wanted to get all my things into the bus, i could see the smoke (err..some sort of..idk what it called)came out from my mouth when I was breathing and talking. I was very excited. Well, Malaysia was located in the equator, so there were no 4 seasons at all, just like Beijing did. My mom said it was like 'naga pondan'. LOL.

Our first destination was Tiananmen Square and Mausoleum of Mao Zedong. It was very cold there. I felt like I was in the fridge. Luckily I wore a turtle neck shirt. (sigh) It was very boring I should say. then we headed to the Forbidden City. Man, I was freezing at there and it was kinda bored to me. We spent our time there quite long at there. I was like.." can we just go to the hotel now? I'm damn boring right now.." hahaha~ you wanted to feel how's the winter right! here it goes! nah!

inside the Forbidden City..

At the Tiananmen Square

then, we had our lunch at the local 'halal' restaurant. Ah, I was very relieved since I was very hungry at that time. Then, we went to the mosque to peform our Jama' & Qasar (Zuhur and Asar) prayers. I had a trouble to take the wudhu'. the water was fine since it was warm water, but the main problem was the temperature was so cold and i felt like I want to perform my solat with my body wrapped in a thick blanket.. seriously, it was very cold..

then, we headed to the Silk Store and had our tea at Dr.Tea House. We had given a chnce to taste 4 different kinds of teas at there. There were Jasmine Tea, Oolong tea and many more which i already forgot their names..And, at there, I met a 16 years old Chinese girl who worked at there. She worked at there and at the same time learned Bahasa Melayu. Amazing huh? She started to learn Bahasa Melayu about 3 months ago and I must admit that she was good and fast learner I guessed. And she wasn't being paid. She had NO salary. She volunteered herself to work at there to gain new experiences.. hahaha~ Thumbs up for her! i almost choked myself when I heard it. If Malaysians, they wanted the money, not experiences.. Am I right?Then, we went to watch the acrobatic show. Man, I was very cold and the show started late! haisy.. The aroma of the coffees and popcorns make me felt that I wanted to get them.. but I didn't have money at that time and I refused to asked my parents to buy me since they looked very tired.. Then we had our dinner and checked into the hotel..what a very tiring day!

Second day (23/12/2010)- We went to have a breakfast at the restaurant. My father then bought some sort like manisan. We called it 'Rasa-rasa' because the men who sell it always said to us "rasa..rasa.. 1 kilo 30 yuen" hahaha~ sounded funny isn't? The real name for it is 'Matang'.
The main ingredients were many kinds of nuts with honey. It tasted very delicious and I thought that it was very good for health as it didn't contain sugar, but honey.

We went to the Great Wall of China. I could see some snow there. And as usual, I was freezing. The temperature at there was -8°C ~ -10°C. It was very high right? And I felt that I was being put into the freezer. My hands were shaking tremendously.. After we checked into the hotel( a different hotel from the first one), my mom and I went to bed. We decided to skip the dinner as we had some breads and instant noodles to be eaten..

Third Day (24/12/2010)- We had our breakfast in the hotel. At there, there was a sign that was being put by the management from the hotel. It said " Tolong jangan membazir makanan". the weird thing was that, it was in Malay. hahaha~ sound funny right? And I should say that tables were fully booked by the Malaysians. I felt that I was eating in the hotel at Malaysia since it was fulled with Malaysians.. Feel like home ..After we checked out from the hotel, we went to the Snowy Mountain. We were being informed that the weather was not good on that day. I also knew it from my father and weather forecast from the TV. ..

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

result for spc..

Salam 'Alaik..
SPC result? you wanna know? yes, I don't get it.. I repeat, I don't get it.
And yes, I was so upset about it.
that means i have to go to the PLKN.. luckily, my campsite was not far away from my house.. Geez..

I went to the Pejabat MARA with my mom. Gosh, i was very tired since i didn't have my lunch yet. I just had a Gardenia bread which costs only RM 0.60 and plain water. I went there just to send the 'surat permohonan' for SPC thingy.. but the worst thing was I didn't like the staffs very much.. why?
1. THEY WERE ALL LATE! we had to wait until 2 p.m. since all of them were having their lunch and i was okay with that. but at 2 p.m. there were nobody's there.. hello, are u think u are big enough and people just like us were some kinda 'selekeh' la? Gosh.. you think that Pejabat MARA tu Pejabat Yayasan Ayah Anda? i knew that i was rude right now.. maybe this is because of the holidays.. But i was very angry right now.. very angry and not into the good mood apparently.

2. the staffs were not friendly. Can they just smiled? Their money were not going to waste and the people would be happy with you.. ini tak, muncung je lebih mengalahkan ikan bawal.. haiyoo.. kalau la selama-lamanya macam ni, bungkus la orang Melayu. and i knew, i was very rude to say about this..

nothing more to say, just hoping that i would get the spc, if not, i have to go to the PLKN, which I already prepared for it mentally (heh!).. and i was hoping that I would get straight A+s for my SPM.. if i don't get straight A+s, Straight As would be better.. I hoped for Your Mercy, Ya Allah..Ameen~

without wax,
hani yahaya..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i'm back!

Salam 'Alaik.. hehehe~ Syukur last, i'm home.. ngeee~~ home sweet home! yay! Penat semalam masih berbaki lagi. Ni baru habis kemas baju2 kotor, dah basuh semua. tadi gi lap tingkap yang dah berabad lamanya tak lap. Habuk dia! Fulamak! Berkati-kati. Semalam sampai je rumah terus mop bilik yang bergantang-gantang habuknya yang memang dari aritu lagi tak di mop.. hahaha~

Semalam sampai KLIA almost 4.15 pm la.. Ni semua gara-gara flight delayed because of the air traffic congestion.. hahaha~ delayed about 1 hour.. ceh! Sabar je lah aku.. Nasib baik dpt makanan yang boleh tahan jugak la.. ye lah.. perut aku ni sensitif sikit..Yalah, breakfast dah la tak ambil.. perghh!! tapi sampai pukul 2 dekat2 pukul 3 aku dah lapar balik.. lunch time man! mana tak nya.. Dulu duduk asrama makan mesti on time punyalah! haisy..

So far, trip ke Beijing agak best. Boleh la tahan..hehehe~ Seronok jugak sebab dapat rasai winter tuh macam mane, tapi peritnya..Masya Allah..Hanya Allah sahajalah yang tahu.. hehehe~
memori di Beijing akan kuceritakan kemudian okey?

without wax,
hani yahaya

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Salam 'Alaik..
so today, i'm off to Beijing, China with my family.. Our flight will be on 12.00 midnight i guess..
I'll tell you guys later about it and post some photos from beijing.. See you later!

without wax,
hani yahaya

Monday, December 20, 2010

tgb: a memoir..

Salam 'Alaik..Seminggu dah berlalu, tetapi rasanya macam sebulan je.. duduk rumah best tua memang best, tapi.. hati terjerit-jerit nama maktab terchenta! Mak aii! Sampai macam ni sekali panahan cinta aku kat maktab.. Dulu punyalah meronta-ronta hati ni nak balik.. Sekarang dilamun rindu pulak.. Ceh! Apa punya manusia lah kau ni Hani!

Seriously, I missed lots of things back then.. I went out with my mom last week. We went out to buy some school stuffs for my brothers at Mydin. My heart was so touched when i saw the books, stationaries, bags, uniforms and many other things.. Gosh! I was not a student anymore..

MRSM TGB dah mengajar aku banyak perkara. Daripada dulunya aku seorang budak hingusan sampailah sekarang banyak dah berubah. Benarlah kata orang.. MRSM TGB ni sebenarnya bumi tarbiah.. tempat untuk kita bermuhasabah tentang diri kita, tempat yang kita boleh memperbetulkan diri kita..Jutaan terima kasih yang tak terhingga buat para pendidik, staf2, warden dan juga teman seperjuangan! Jasa kalian memang tidak dapat saya membalasnya..Hanya Allah sahajalah yang dapat membalasnya.. Jazakallah khairan katsira!

Khas buat classmates @ siblings..516, you teach me a lot!

early in the morning.. SPM Straight A+!

hope that our friendship will last forever :)

Hafiz- Mr.President! you such a great and responsible guy! good job man!

Asrul-hahaha~small kid!

Mahi- you owe me okay! dah la sukasuki je call org pakai kredit aku.. ceh!
Adam- i prefer you as Adam rather than Kalud!I'll remember you forever and your present! you also owe me okay.. I want my persent.
Amsyar- Pasni ko dah x boleh nak ejek aku ngan suara kau tu ha..

Amirul- You teach me a lot and thanks for being a good listener to me.. Pasni sambut birthday elok2, jangan sepak benda2 yang tak sepatutnya okay?

Farouq- Aku x tau la..aku maybe jarang cakap ngan ko, but anyway thanks jugak sebab menceriakan lagi ahli keluarga 516.
Adlil- thanks jugak sebab banyak benda ko tau especially general info la..
Faiz-kau banyak berjasa untuk class.thanks a lot!

Syahmi- thank you sangat2 for the outing class.. thanks utk kfc dan segalanya!
Fariz-Aku jelez gila tahap gaban dengan otak kau ni.. macam mana kau berfikir ha??
Shafiqah Sari- thanks coz jadi miss.VP yg baik..
Hanisah-Bila nak belanja kitorang gi lawatan untuk ke USA?
Haslina-Biro birthday!! ko ni memang la.. aku akn ingat dedak tu weh..
Syasya- nanti next time kalau beli hadiah, ukur dulu ye.. no offense! jgn takut kucing& jgn melatah lagi..pasni, kalau hanisah dah jd pakar psikologi, kau booking dia awal2.
Munirah- thnx a lot sbb ko sudi dgr mslh aku, komen aku, sabar ngan aku bila marah..
Syahirah- a good deskmate.. aku suka ko..mkn free aje aku.
Maisarah- xpayah sibuk ngan gaining weights la ape la.. kau tau aku ni jealous tgk ko yg slim tu..
Ain- ain baik.. lembut je kalau cakap..
Syafiqah Asman- Terima kasih sebab sudi ajar and masak! hehehe
Amalina- Thanks jugak ama..ama byk tolong especially time homeroom..
Atiqah- Thanks jugak.. You're a good friend!
Ainin- Sorry sgt2 kalau aku ade x layan kau sepanjang blaja fizik and chemistry.. thnx coz slalu kejut aku tido..
with our Add Maths's teacher, Mr Zulhakim..

this picture was taken during my birthday celebration with VP..

Kudos to 516!!!

To GB19..
especially to athirah, sorry for all my wrongdoings.. maybe i was wrong to you.. hahaha~ you owed me okay? i'll wait for you..
Munee-mun-mun.. jangan rindukan aku pulak bila nampak lipas or belalang dan sewaktu dgnnya... pasni kena pandai2 jaga diri.. kau bukak la silat ke, taekwondo ke.. blasah je..

GA14-sakinah, shafikah, hidayah..
terima kasih juga yang tak terhingga buat kalian semua :)

LDP 09/10- hahaha~ korunk memang the best! best sgt2 ada family macam korunk.. best keje ngan korunk..

Last but not least, to FATEH, BIEHA.. thanks for all you support! You guys were so great! Glad to have friends like u guys!

BLOK G and BUDAK2 ART.. korunk penceria hidupku di tgb..:)

MENTEE ku, Ezhar and Nica, thanks coz sbb sudi jadi menteeku even i was not really good at all.. hope kita semua berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat!
and nica, my best buddy since i was in primary..thnx a lot dear! we're friends forever right?

to all tgbians, you guys were rock!
thnks a lot 4 all ur support! (^^,)

Jazakallah khairan katsira to TGBians 09/10
May Allah Bless You!

without wax and with love,

hani yasmin yahaya.09106.topazIII

Thursday, December 16, 2010

SPM sudah berakhir..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..
Alhamdulillah,syukur ke hadrat Ilahi..
akhirnya dapat juga aku menjengah ke blog ni setelah sekeian lama dibiarkan sepi tanpa entry..
Almaklumlah, terlalu sibuk dengan SPM.. oleh itu, masa untuk ber'blogging' perlu dihadkan kerana fakus utama ialah belajar..

Alhamdulillah, aku telah selamat menjawab kesemua subjek. Aku telah mengambil 10 subjek iaitu:
-Bahasa Melayu
-Bahasa Inggeris
-Matematik (a.k.a Modern maths)
-Pendidikan Islam
-Matematik Tambahan (a.k.a Add maths)
-Pendidikan seni visual

Kertas terakhir aku adalah pada 13 Disember lepas, iaitu kertas2 bagi subjek PSV. penat juga 3 jam melukis dan mewarna.. tapi tak mengapa.. bila lagi kan nak buat semua tu.. sekali seumur hidup je nak jawab SPM.. lepas ni dah tak ada..

banyak sebenarnya yang ingin kuceritakan kepada kalian semua..
tapi terlalu banyak..
agak jenuh juga mahu menaip..
nanti-nanti sahajalah ya..

gtg.. got many things to do..
see you again..

without wax,
hani yahaya

Monday, November 15, 2010

Saat pahit manis di MRSM Gerik

Salam ‘Alaik..
kelmarin, aku online. Saje je.. Niat sebenar nak isi boring UPU.. tup..tup.. dah melencong arah.. Aku pun google la.. google punya google, terdetik di hati aku nak menaip MRSM Gerik.. sekolah semasa aku berada di Tingkatan 1-3..
Sebenarnya, di MRSM Gerik ni lah yang banyak mengajar aku erti kehidupan yang sebenar.. (ecece..ayat) banyak yang aku belajar kat situ..dan banyak jugak lah pengalaman pahit manis.. kat sini, biar aku share kan pengalaman pahit manis aku.. jeng,jeng,jeng…

· Aku masuk sini time form 1, bulan 3..aku ingat lagi, 27/3/2006..aku 2nd-intake.. at first aku excited, tapi bila parents aku nak balik, dah rasa sebak.. tapi aku tak nak tunjuk kat dorang yang aku sedih.. hahaha~ mak ayah aku balik dalam pukul 2.. sebelum tu sempat lagi la dorang pesan.. aku ingat lagi.. dorang suruh belajar elok-elok, jangan tinggal solat, jangan lupa mengaji at least 1 page per day, and last but not least, jangan ber’couple’. Hik3!
· Lepas mak ayah aku balik, aku ada perjumpaan homeroom yang pertama. Mak aii.. aku rasa macam rusa masuk kampong. Janggal betul rasanya di tempat baru. Aku ingat lagi time tu Hakim (homeroommate aku) cari.. so aku ikut je la dia pegi mana.. perjumpaan first homeroom kat hujung DSB( Dewan Semarak Budi). Kat situ aku jumpa Amar, the biggest and tallest guy in my batch and the whole student aku rasa. Besar gila mamat ni, terdetik di hati aku. Aku ingatkan ahli2 homeroom ni campur..ada form1-3..tapi sangkaan aku meleset..Semua form1! Mak aii..kalah bapak homeroom aku,Cikgu Makky.
· Form 1 aku masuk kelas 1 fajar, kelas 2nd last..kitaorang yang 2nd intake tak ada streaming class mcm 1st intake.. pakai main masuk je. Dia ada banyak kelas, Aman, Bakti, Ceria, Damai, Ehsan, Fajar, Gigih & Hebat (tapi untuk form3 je sampai Hebat..form1-2 x ada.)
· Kat 1Fajar aku jumpa pelbagai jenis orang..Al maklumlah..dah nama pun sekolah asrama kan.. macam2 backgroung kita jumpa. Ada budak Kelantan, Perak,Kedah, KL, Selangor, Perlis,Terengganu.. macam2 loghat keluar..
· Blok aku ialah blok merbau.blok yang dah lama. Selalu tak ada air masa aku form2. Asal hujan je tak ada air..pagi2 kalau nak mandi kena tadah air. Biasanya aku aku akan gosok gigi dulu.pastu tadah air dalam baldi untuk mandi. Air tuh gunakan separuh je. Separuh lagi untuk tgh hari in case kalau air tak ada sampai petang. Benda ni kena bertindak secara proaktif. Aku biasanya dapat beratur awal sebab rajin bangun pagi awal. Siap ada orang suruh aku ni jadi tukang kejut subuh pagi2 pulak!
· Kalau mandi aku jarang guna bilik air yang ada shower( perkara ini masih lagi diamalkan di tgb). Sebabnya? Aku tak suka mandi guna shower.. leceh kalau aku nak buang air.. hahaha~
· Time form1 kelas aku telah ditugaskan buat khidmat masyarakat cuci DSB.. sepatutnya cuci longkang sekeliling je, tapi kitaorang salah tafsir.. kita orang gi cuci lantai DSB yang berpakir tu dengan AJAX FABULOSO! Habis kembang parker..dah kena marah dengan Cikgu Makky and Cikgu Zurina. Dah la lagi seminggu nak grad! Kesian cikgu kena marah dengan pengetua.. nasib baik sivik kami x failed!
· Time form2 sgt best sebabnya Ustaz Rahim ajar kitaorg B.Arab. Best sgt class dia! Aku suka belajar bahasa Arab dengan dia. First time class dia punya lah aku kecut perut.. yalah! Sape tak kenal ustaz Rahim..ustaz yang paling garang kat gerik! Tapi, aku saying kat dia! Kelas kitaorang mmg happening kalau belajar dengan dia. Pernah sekali tu, dia dare kita orang untuk cat kelas. Kitaorang pun terima dare tu.. Akhirnya kelas kitaorang berjaya dicat warna biru.. rentetan peristiwa itu, kelas lain pun ikut jugak cat kelas depa.
· Time form2 kena repeat khidmat masyarakat! Dah la bulan puasa.. sabar je lah!
· Time form2, cikgu sains aku Puan Sharifah, TP HEA aku.. Orang nya mmg sweet & caring. Best belajar dengan dia for a year! Disebabkan dia, waktu form2 aku tak pernah dapat B untuk subjek Sains. Terima kasih cikgu!
· Waktu form 2 jugak lah aku and the gang gi panjat pokok rambutan kat tepi DS.. Actually pokok tu tak adalah tinggi mana, Cuma kena capai tinggi sikit. Tapi sebenarnya pokok tu tak ramai nak pergi.. sebabnya budak scout selalu berlatih buat gajet dll kat situ.. pastu bila aku and the gang pegi amik rambutan kat situ dorang marah. Alih2, kena keja dgn budak2 laki scout..ape lagi..aku dgn geng aku bertempiaran lari. Dapat jugak lah rambutan.. punya lah mengidam nak rambutan sampai cam tu sekali kan? Malam tu budak2 laki kelas aku sume perli aku dgn geng aku.. ceh!
· Time form2 jugak aku dpt 4.00! pastu dah x dpt lagi dah..
· Dulu time form2 selalu tolong Abi petik cili.. pastu dapat habuan makan magi dgn classmate perempuan yang lain.. hahaha~ time tu rasa bahagia sgt..almaklumlah, gerik mengharamkan studentnya mkn maggi!
· Aku pernah jadi calon untuk BWP (badan wakil pelajar).. tapi kalah pilihan raya. L
· Waktu form3 nama class dah tukar. Al suhail, Adhara, Al hena, Arcturus, Al nilam, Al phecca & Al nair.. semua tu nama2 bintang. Class aku Al suhail.. Al suhail ni sebenarnya nama bintang yang paling lawa la..
· Time form 3, aku pernah kena panggil dengan cikgu Makky, Penasihat LDP merangkap Penasihat Homeroomku, Shuhaib Arrumi.. sebab apa? Hahaha~ hanya budak gerik je lah yang tahu..
· Aku buat hatrik sebabnya tiga tahun berturut-turut kena rampas hp.. tapi kira aku ni sebenarnya pro jugak.. Bukan senang cikgu nak dapatkan hp aku tu.. aku sebenanrnya yang serah sendiri, sebab dorang penat mencari..
· Kat gerik ni la aku mengenal cinta monyet.cinta pertama aku. Hahaha~ aku tak adalah sampai ber’couple’ Cuma orang mungkin memandang kami seperti orang yang ber’couple’.. aku tak pernah pun declare apa2.. even tak menyatakan pun perasaan di hati ini..hehehe~ tapi sekarang ni dah tak adalah..Aku dgn dia pun ‘berpisah’ cara baik.. tak ada la gaduh2 ke apa.. Skrg aku pun dah tak contact dah orang tu.. kalau ada pun, setakat nak wish hari raya je kot. Masing2 bawa haluan sendiri.. nilah org kata tak ada jodoh sebenarnya. Bukan apa.. aku rasa mungkin aku tak sesuai untuk dia, dan mungkin juga sebaliknya.. lagipun, kami sama2 ada tanggungjawab lain, yakni BELAJAR!
· Waktu form3 aku terlibat dalam hisan dewan sempena graduasi.. Memang penat, tapi usaha tu berbaloi bila tengok hasilnya yang sangat menarik!
· Khidmat masyarakat time form3 kena wat tarian masyarakat di Malaysia. Kelas aku pilih masyarakat Portugis. Mmg best la time ni. Aku mmg awal2 lagi tarik diri daripada menari, jadi aku prefer berlakon, tapi watak sampingan je lah.. so aku jadi lah dayang yang tukang kipas raja. Masa awal2 tuh jadi waiter je, tp lepas buat rombakan, tukar story line, aku dpt jadi dayang.. watak kecil je.. tapi aku jadi pembantu tadbir..hahaha~ aku suka wat kerja di balik tabir..jadi penulis skrip ke, tukang, kostum and hiasan semua tu under aku kebanyakkannya. Aku la yang jahit baju and seluar dorunk especially budak laki. Asal time riadah je, aku habiskan masa dengan menjahit, walaupun pada hakikatnya jahitan aku tak ada lah cantik mana. Tapi semua tu membuahkan hasil. Kelas aku dinobatkan juara keseluruhan, pemenang terbaik untuk kostum, tempat ke-2 untuk tarian paling menarik, sketsa terbaik( tak salah aku la).. mmg best malam tu!

Sebenarnya, banyak lagi cerita yang menarik untuk dikongsikan bersama.. nak tulis jenuh tangan ni dibuatnya.. Apa2 pun.. tu semua kenangan masa dulu.. rasanya kalau diberi peluang, nak je aku putar balik..supaya dapat jadi lower form semula.. rindunye la..tapi apakan daya, benda tu semua dah goes on! Berpijaklah di bumi yang nyata.

Without wax,
Hani yasmin yahaya
Shuhaib Arrumi

Friday, November 12, 2010

sesudah spc..

Salam 'Alaik..
Alhamdulillah.. the interview regarding the scholarship with the MARA Panels was over..
i was very grateful to Allah Almighty although that during that day i wasn't prepared enogh to be interviewed..

i didn't know how was it.. i guesses i had did my very best and the most important thing was i didn't screw up.. gosh.. even though i was being informed that the interview was going to be held earlier which was on 10.30.. and i only got 30 minutes left to be prepared..rushed down to the block and changed my clothes then went to the PSI .. Alhamdulillah.. it was great moment and experience.. just hope for the best.. Amin..

to all my friends and whosever read this post, i really,really hope that you could make du'a for me and the rest of my friends.. Insya Allah..

without wax,
hani yahaya :)
Salam 'Alaik...
i came a cross with this quoteat and i thought that i should share it with you guys..

The most difficult person to FACE in life is yourself.

A GRATEFUL heart is the cure for loneliness.

Do not judge the FUTURE by the past.

Never stop reaching for the GOAL in front.

Hold on to your BELIEF, then you will overcome difficulties.

TRIVIALITIES can accumulate to an important episode.

Kind DEEDS can bring good returns.

DREAM is our motivation in life.

WISDOM is to understand that the world is ever-changing.

SINCERITY is a natural spring of water.

Danger brings us TRUE friends.

SMILE is the first step of a new life.

So, go on with your life with a new spirit.

Everyday is a new day.

without wax,

hani yahaya.. :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

spc oh spc

Salam 'Alaik..Alhamdulillah.. aku berkesempatan lagi untuk menghirup udara di bumiNya..
untuk pengetahuan kalian semua, aku telah mengambil SPC(skim pelajar cemerlang) untuk pelajar MRSM.. (nama barunya telah lupa)
dan minggu hadapan aku bakal ditemu duga..
doakan kejayaanku ya wahai kawan-kawan.. :)

without wax,
hani yahaya:)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Majlis Solat Hajat & Doa Restu...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Alhamdulillah.. Segala puji bagi Allah, Tuhan Sekalian Alam.
Alhamdulillah.. hari ini ku telah diberikan keizinan oleh-Nya untuk hidup dan terus bernafas di bumiNya..

Ku panjat kan syukur juga kerana dengan izinNya, dapat juga aku berkesempatan untuk online dan seterusnya menaip untuk menambah post di blog ini..

Baiklah..sudah sekian lama blog ini menyepi..sebenarnya banyak yang ingin aku kongsikan dengan kalian, namun masa kini amatlah terhad dan aku harus memanfaatkannya dengan perkara yang lebih penting..

baiklah..ingin ku ceritakan peristiwa yang telah berlaku pada Sabtu lepas, yakni taggal 30 Oktober 2010. jeng..jeng..jeng..

Sebenarnya, pagi tu maktabku telah mengadakan Majlis Solat Hajat&Doa Restu bagi pelajar Tingkatan Lima. pada pandangan mata aku, ramai juga ibu bapa yang datang.. Dipndekkan cerita, usai solat hajat, ada sesi mohon maaf. Ustaz Asri (penceramah yang datang) telah menyuruh kami semua pelajar Tingkatan Lima memohon maaf kepada kedua ibu bapa kami. Aku terus meluru ke arah ibuku dan mengalirkan air mata. Tak pernah kurasakan seemikian rupa. MAklum sahajalah. Aku tidak biasa mengucapkan perkataan " I love you" apatah lagi mencium pipi kedua ibu bapaku. Ganjil bukan? Apatah lagi untuk menangis sebegitu.. tapi pada hari itu kurasakan amat lain sekali.. Hatiku seolah-olah terusik.. Masya-Allah.. betapa banyaknya dosa yang telah kulakukan kepada mereka. Ampunkan aku ya Allah!

usai sahaja aku bersalaman dengan ibuku dan orang-orang yang aku kenali, tiba-tiba aku telah disapa lembut oleh seseorang.


Aku menoleh untuk meihat siapakah gerangan orang itu...

Rupa-rupanya, dia ialah sahabat baikku yang hampir berapa buan telah tidak kutegur. Sungguh terkejut aku dibuatnya. Dia terus meminta maaf kepadaku dan memelukku erat tanpa disedari air matanya telah mengalir.Begitu juga aku. Kami bermaafan. Alangkah berdosanya aku. Bayangkanlah..sudah berapa lama aku tidak bertegur sapa dengannya, sebabnya? perkara kecil sahaja..

Aku sangat tersentuh kerana inilah pertama kali aku melihat dia menangis disebabkan aku. Selama aku kenal dia, tidak pernah walau sekali dia menitiskan air mata keranaku.. Apa-apa pun, semoga persahabatanku dan dia kekal selamanya.. Amin..

without wax,
hani yasmin yahaya :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Salam 'Alaik..
I'm currently at the psi @ library..
heh.. only got a chance to online..
and right now i'm struggling with the physics question..
life is so busy here..
there are so many things that i wanna share with you guys..
but i don't think that i've enough time..
well.. see you soon..

p/s: 23rd oct- annual dinner!

without wax,

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Salam 'alaik..
buat kali ini, saya akan menulis dalam bahasa kebangsaan saya, Bahasa Melayu. Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa!

baiklah, saya bukanlah seorang yang bagus dan arif tentang hal-hal agama ini. tetapi, saya rasa tidak salah sekiranya saya mengutarakan pendapat saya tentang bab-bab agama.

Hijab. Apakah itu hijab? saya rasa masing-masing tahu apakah itu hijab dan tidak perlu saya mengulas dengan lebih panjang lagu tentang definisi hijab itu sendiri.

Sekarang ini menjadi satu fenomena bagi imej bertudung. Saya puji dan bersyukur kerana ramai di antara kita sudah mula bertudung. Alhamdulillah. Semoga hidayah Allah itu terus berkekalan di hati kita semua.

Namun kadang- kadang, saya terfikir juga, walaupun dengan imej bertudung, adakah kita mengikut garis panduan seperti yang digariskan oleh Islam? Saya akui, saya tidaklah bertudung labuh litup. Saya hanya memakai tudung bawal biasa sahaja, tetapi saya akan pastikan tudung saya itu menutupi dada saya, tidak jarang dan nipis sehingga boleh menampakkan leher saya dan juga saya tidak akan membuat sanggul atau apa-apa sahaja yang boleh menampakkan rupa rambut saya kepada kaum Adam.

Saya amat tertarik sekali dengan firman Allah SWT dalam Al-Quran yang bermaksud,

Saya akui, pada awalnya saya juga tidak suka dengan imej bertudung masa zaman kecil-kecil dahulu. Maklum sahajalah, masih hingusan lagi. Saya memakai tudung sejak umur darjah 3. tapi kadang-kadang on off juga terutamanya bila pergi mandi-manda di kolam renang. Alhamdulillah sekarang saya sudah bertudung secara tetap dan saya berharap ianya tidak berhenti setakat ini sahaja. Semoga Allah terus memberi saya hidayah agar terus bertudung, begitu juga dengan rakan-rakan yang lain. Insya Allah.

Kasihan bukan? wanita Muslim sering ditindas dan dinafikan hak mereka..Salah sebuah tandas di Israel kalau tak silap.Bertapa hinanya wanita Muslimah.. ini semua merupakan angkara Yahudi. Masya Allah. Nauzubillah.

Cara pemakaian wanita muslimah yang betul?

Semoga kita semua mendapat petunjuk dan hidayah daripada Allah untuk menjadi wanita solehah. Ameen~
(harap maaf atas segala kesalahan yang dilakukan dalam post ini. menta perbaiki segala salah dan silap saya..)

without wax,
hani yahaya.


Salam 'alaik..
hey, it's me again.. u must wondering how come i got a chance to blogging,right? anyway, i always kill my prep time for blogging.. hehehe~ i kknew that i should probabaly stop by now, but it's hard for me.. maybe i had been addicted to this blog, i guess.

so, yesterday, i got my results already... well, it was hard actually for me to see my pointer as it was pasted on the board and so many people wanted to see it.. ah.. i felt like i was packed in a tin of sardines.. so many people and i had to squeeze myself.. luckily i small enough.. (did i?)

so, first and foremost, i felt grateful to Allah The Almighty because i managed to get 3.70. Well, i knew that it was not that good for me.. but at least, i got a good results.. some of us got a very good result, but some not...

Praise to be Allah.. i thought that i might get below than 3.70.. my prediction was 3.63.. i guess that my teachers really help me with that.. Thank you teachers! terima kasih! Arigato! Muchas Gracias! Jazakallah! Syukran.. what else?

so, i just hope that my SPM would be better than this.. Please pray for me and all my friends too.. okay?

without wax,
hani yahaya :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010


finally, it's my 100th post! hehehe~

i actually didn't have any idea what to write for my 100th post.. so i think, maybe this time was different.. i wanted to paste up something that could relax your mind.. hehehe~ so, enjoy it! :)

biology.. you know what is FSH? let me give you a hint.. it's a hormone.. hahaha~

if you study the Add Math, then you probably come across with these..

differentiation people? =.=

Atoms..proton, electron, neutron.. ah...

Optimus prime or what?

Oh, no! my trigonometry. My Add Math's teacher will probably kill me if i get this!

I will go with the answer C!

so.. that's all i guess.. see ya' later!
without wax,
hani yahaya

trial was over, but the results?

we meet again!
i bet u guys would feel eager to know, how was my result right?
let me tell u, it was not like what u guys might think.. my results were totally bad! really bad! i'd never got soe sort of results like this.. ah.. whatever it is, it was over right? and i shouldn't be upset or regret because it ws all my fault.. well, i hven't really prepared for it.. so, serve me right,huh?

so.. about the results?
i got 1 A+, 4A, 1 A- and 4B+ ..
well.. u might say that this was not hani yasmin yahaya's result.. but that was the truth.. i didn't know, where the heck the old hani yasmin yahaya had gone.. maybe.. she was not like before..
lower form was not like the upper form, right?
and my pointer?
i bet that it was going to drop again like hell.. trust me!

but whatever it is, i felt grateful to Allah.. at least i managed to get As even it was not that much compared to my friends. every night, before i went to bed, i always think, why my results was not good enough? i knew that our life has it's own cycle. sometimes we are on the top, sometimes we go down.. but yes,still it still cannot wounded my heart.i always think positively.. Maybe Allah wanted to teach me how to be grateful person or maybe He wanted me to try harder, or He wanted to give me the best thing in the future. how should we know that right? . but, till i heard tazkirah last night during the taklim, i felt that, it give me some inspirations nd motivations to me to try harder for upcoming spm. Insya Allah. I hope that i'll get straight A+ for the SPM. Ameen~

without wax,
hani yasmin yahaya

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Salam 'alaik..

finally i got a chance to blogging!

well, since the IDP had started,( IDP stand for Intensive drilling programme) my life was so busy as a bee! in the evening, right after the IDP, i was so exhausted. my brain sometimes felt it cannot squeezed anymore ideas to think.. hahaha~

for your information, we had an Eid celebrtion last week. it was held at our glamorous hall, D.BEND.. (it's Dewan Bendahara actually...) we were asked to sit in our respectives classes. and i should say that my classates were so hyper on that day. maybe because of the spirit of the eid still there and overwhelmed us.. or maybe we just wanted to celebrate our trial examination ( bear in mind that trial was over already!) ..or maybe, we just didn't have to go to the class!

i'll upload later the pics for that day..
see ya'!

without wax,
hani yahaya

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Salam ‘alaik..

Selagi bumi masih berputar, selagi siang dan malam saling bertukar, selagi itulah (Insya-Allah) degup kehidupan ini akan terus berkisar. Di sepanjang derap langkah peredaran tahun demi tahun, kita begitu tekun mengheret beban hidup yang kian meruntun..

(hehehe~ bermadah pulak ye.. sebenarnya bukan lah kata hati sendiri.. mencedok juga dari sumber yang ada, cuma diolah kembali.. harap maaf ye..)

Kadang-kadang, aku terfikir, kenapalah diri ini begitu hipokrit. Bukan ingin membuka pekung di dada, tetapi itulah manusia kan? Tidak lepas daripada cacat celanya.. every single person is not perfect. Ku pegang teguh kata-kata itu.. namun, apa-apa pun, kita perlu memperbaiki diri agar lebih baik. Hari ini lebih baik daripada semalam, esok lebih baik daripada hari ini.. begitulah hendaknya.

Pagi tadi aku bangun agak awal. Solat Isya’ segera kutunaikan memandangkan aku tidak lagi menunaikannya. Aku tidur agak awal semalam, mungkin kerana letih berpuasa pada siangnya.

Sementara menunggu jam 5, aku membuka tv, manalah tahu kot-kot ada siaran yang menarik. Jari ku pantas menekan remote contol. Stesen tv X menjadi pilihan hati. Tapi tatkala melihat siarannya.. Masya Allah.. siaran konsert oleh salah seorang artis popular tanah air.. Masya Allah, terus ku capai remote control sekali lagi dan menukar siaran. Akhirnya, aku menonton drama di stesen tv Y.

Apa yang ingin kukatakan di sini ialah, sepanjang pemerhatian aku, sepanjang musim raya ini, macam-macam rancangan yang ditayangkan oleh stesen TV.. tapi, yang tak menariknya ialah, rancangan-rancangan ini semuanya ternyata ke arah benda-benda lagho dan berunsurkan maksiat. Boleh dikira dengan jari, berapa banyak sangatlah rancangan yang betul-betul membawa mesej yang baik. Sepatutnya di bulan Syawal ini, janganlah kita cemarkan dengan benda-benda macam tu. Saya bukanlah alim, wara’ ataupun seangkatan dengannya..tetapi, ini adalah pengajaran buat saya dan juga semua. Hampir setiap hari, ada je iklan cerita-cerita yang berunsurkan tahyul dan hantu. Saya bukan apa.. kadang-kadang saya kesian tengok kanak-kanak kecil.. kecil-kecil lagi dah takut. Sebab apa? Selalu sangat disogokkan dengan cerita hantu dan akhirnya terpengaruh dan jadi penakut.

Namun, di sebalik semua itu, saya sangat terharu melihat majalah dan dokumentari yang disiarkan di stesen-stesen tv. Saya dapat lihat bagaimana masyarakat lain di luar sana menyambut Ramadhan dan Syawal. Terdetik di hati kecil ini, alangkah beruntungnya aku! Hidup di bumi Allah ini dengan serba kemewahan. Tidak seperti saudara-saudaraku yang lain..

Fikir- fikirkan dan renung-renungkanlah..

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Salam 'alaik..

Alhamdulillah. Finally, i got a chance to online again.. well, my mom had warned us (me and my siblings) not ever touch the laptop! hahaha~

okay, back on the topic.. strawberry.. do you like the strawberry? well, i don't.. sorry.. but now i have to like it. you wanna know why? because.. for my Art trial paper, i have to draw a scene, picturing me plucking the strawberry.. hahaha~

for display only.. hehehe~

please pray for my success.. i hope the strawberry and the face can be real.. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a new pasport..


this morning, i went to Jab. Imegresen Malaysia to make a pasport for myself. (so do my parents just renewed themselves..)

there were so many people lined up to wait for their turn..and luckily i brought along my story book, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.. so that i wouldn't be bored while waiting there.

haisy.. a very tiring day.. :(

happy eid :)

i think it's not too late for me to wish you guys ' Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri'.. Sorry for everything..

so, about my raya this time, well it was not like past years.. well basicaly, this year was simple and I felt somehow, eid day was just the same, nothing special i guessed..

i went back to my hometown which was at Meru, Klang on last thursday's morning. i finally arrived around 8.30 am. my aunt and mom cleaned up the house and got ready what to be cooked for our meals during the fast break and for tomorrow especially. me? hahaha~ i helped them too ( a little).. then my aunts and her famly arrived..

that night, during the fast break, it was a very funny moment.. well, there was a meal, err.. it was tempe with spicy soya sauce.. it was very delicious and everyone was craving for it.. in simple words, habis licin tempe tu.. sampai yg kecik tu pun nak direbutkan.. then, my aunts and my mom busy chatted while cleaned the plates and bowls after finished ou dinner.. the house was so meriah! i loved to see mu mom and all her siblings chatted with each other.. well, not to say that i was being busy body to know what were they talking about, but i was happy to see their bonds, yeah sister-sister bonds.. not ionic or covalent bond okay?

1st raya....
after had my breakfast, i took a bath.. then my mom said that, our family shouldn't wear our baju raya this morning since we were going to visit Tan Sri Borhan's house this evening.. ( well he was my father's uncle).. so that morning, our family wore simple clothes.. memang cacamarba and happening habislah keluargaku..macam-macam warna ada..
after performed the Solat Sunat Aidilfitri, we went home and took pictures.. my other aunt and her family also had came back. that morning, my family just visited only 2 houses.. my other aunts and their family went to visit my grandfather's kubur.. our family had done hat yesterday evening..
after the Friday prayer, our family quickly dressed up with our new baju raya and headed to Shah Alam to visit my father's uncle at there..
that night, my aunts and cousins went to the ICT to watch the lights and lamps.. (idk. somewhere at klang..) and me? i was busy watching Slumdog Millionaire.. hahaha~

2nd raya...
my family planned to go home.. yeah, we were going to go back to our home at Bangi. but that morning, after we had our breakfast, my father and my uncles were busy preparing the ikan bakar for our lunch menu on that day.. so do all my aunts and mom.. the menu for our lunch on that day were,laksa, kari kepala ikan, ikan bakar dengan air asam, sayur (lupa la.), ice cream with tapai and float. At last, i didn't have to eat chicken and meat.. hahaha~ got sick of it already..
around 4 pm, we arrived home.. busy with the laundry and all that stuffs...
went bed quite early that night

3rd raya...
headed to Malacca, my father's hometown.. before reached the house, we went to my grandparents' kubur. After reciting the Yasin, we went to the house and quickly changed our clothes to go to visit our relatives..
then, we had our lunch at my uncle's house. After the Zohor prayer, we headed to Muar, to visit my mom's friend. We had a very delicious nasi beriyani at her house.. hahaha~ on our way home, we bought some dukus.
At night, we had our dinner at my uncle's house again. hahaha~ i was kinda dissapointed since i never got a chance to eat the dukus.. haisy.. unlucky huh?

that morning, after finished my breakfast, i was quickly took a bath.. we were going back home.. far, the traffic was not too jammed.. idk whether i didn't realize it was there since i spent my time sleeping along the journey.. ( i hate to travel.. well basically within 5 or 10 minutes, i would sleep.. whether i took car, bus or even flight! )
i arrived at my home around 12.40 pm..
in the evening, my aunts (on my mom's side) came to visit us.. my mom had prepared spaghetti for them..

conclusion: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Get back on your books now! Spm is all the way!

without wax,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

selamat hari raya aidilfitri :)


buat semua umat Islam di seluruh dunia..
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

Segala salah dan silap harap dimaafkan..

Salam Sayang,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

solat tarawikh...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Subhanallah, Glory be to Allah
Alhamdulillah, Praise be to Allah
Allahuakbar, Allah is Great
These are three words
To praise Allah..

It was a nasheed song that i used to sing when I was a little kid back then...

okay,okay.. back on the topic above..
So, Alhamdulillah, I hadn't miss performed my Solat Tarawikh in Jama'ah eventhough I was in my home.. well, i promised to my self that i didn't want to miss my Solat Sunat Tarawikh and Witir for this Ramadhan.. The teachers, friends always said that "please, never forget the Solat Sunat Tarawikh at the mussola"..
I want to prove to myself that i could do it.. So people, please pray for me so that i wouldn't miss the Tarawikh prayers for toninght since tonight will be the last day ...

Actually what i wanted to say is that, when i went to the mussola, the thing that i didn't like the most was the children. Yes, sure.. it was a good thing that the parents wanted to bring their children to perform the Tarawikh prayers, but the bad thing was, the children were not like that. they were busy chatted and played around the mussola.All the jama'ah couldn't concerntrate @ khusyu' because the children were so noisy..

the parents? hahaha~ somehow i didn't whether i should blame them or not.. i could see that some of them try to sound their children, but some? just ignored it.. haisy. in this case, if u were in my position, who should u blame for?


without wax,

Monday, September 6, 2010

T is for Trial..

well, people might said that i was too late to say about this thing, but the major fact is, i haven't finish yet my trial, since i take 1o subjects..

so, to be truth, my trial exam papers were really bad! i was totally screwed for this time.. my chemistry, biology and physics.. the pre-trial exam's marks couldn't help me a lot to improve my CGPA.. O Allah, please help me!

i just hoped for the best.. so right now, i need to focus more for my science subjects, not too forget addmath and Art.. my Art test will be on monday, right after the school holidays!

i just remembered the quote;

Math is easy,
English is fun,
but Art?

Art is everything

p/s: please don't say Art is easy!! Art is something that u can't define since it is SUBJECTIVE!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Harapan Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

Ku mengharapkan Ramadhan
Kali ini penuh makna
Agar dapat kulalui
Dengan sempurna

Selangkah demi selangkah
Setahun sudah pun berlalu
Masa yang pantas berlalu
Hingga tak terasa ku berada
Di bulan Ramadhan semula

Puasa satu amalan
Sebagaimana yang diperintahNya
Moga dapat ku lenturkan
Nafsu yang selalu membelenggu diri
Tiada henti-henti

Tak ingin ku biarkan
Ramadhan berlalu saja
Tuhan pimpinlah daku yang lemah
Mengharungi segalanya dengan sabar
Kita memohon pada Tuhan diberikan kekuatan
Ku merayu pada Tuhan diterima amalan

Selangkah demi selangkah...
Dengan rahmatMu oh Tuhanku...
Ku tempuh jua

Nyanyian: Raihan ft Man Bai

Masih ingatkah dengan lagu ini? Mungkin ada di antara kita yang masih ingat, mungkin juga tidak..
Lagu ini amat popular suatu masa dahulu, dan kini masih lagi popular..

Hayati setiap bait-bait lagu ini..
Kalau difikirkan balik, boleh sebak dan boleh mengalirkan air mata buat sesaipa sahaja yang mendengar lagu ini..

Dek kesibukan kita mengejar untuk membuat persiapan Aidilfitri, kita terlupa dan alpa akan Ramadhan yang kian tiba di penghujungnya..

Ya Allah, adakah kita sempat untuk bertemu dengan Ramadhan pada tahun hadapan?
Moga kita semua dipanjangkan umur oleh Allah SWT..

Kadangkala, terdetik di hati, adakah cukup amalan kita pada bulan ramadhan pada tahun ini?
Adakah Allah menerima segala amal ibadah yang kita kerjakan?
Adakah kita dapat berjumpa dengan Malam Lailatul Qadar yang mana malam yang lebih baik daripada seribu bulan?

Semoga segala amal ibadah kita diterima oleh Allah SWT.

p/s: pesanan untuk diri saya dan juga seluruh umat Islam. Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa di bulan yang penuh barakah ini. perbetulkan jika ada yang tersilap.. mohon maaf

Saturday, August 21, 2010


hey guys!
yeah, it was almost couples of weeks i haven't update my blog..
i was so busy preparing myself for the trial which is on this 23rd of august..
seriously, i haven't prepared anything yet..
i was so scared since my pre-trial results were totally bad and disaster!
i just managed to get 6As (include A, A-), 2 Bs ( including B+, B), 1 C and 1 D..
the D was chemistry, a subject that i hadn't even got less than 65.. but not this time..
so about the trial, i just wanted to say that i really needed to pull my butts off since i want to get a great result.. well, i wanted to improve my CGPA as my CGPA had been droped like hell..
this would my final semester..

so by hook or by crook, i've to..

so, i hoped that u guys will pray for my success..not only me, but the rest of us who would be taking SPM this year.. Insya Allah..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

a story for you..

well, actually i have so many things to be told to you..

hurm.. let me tell you about my first story..
last two weeks (if i'm not mistaken)
my classmates had planned to celebrate one of our classmates' birthday.. and he was Amirul, a.k.a Benjo..

the boys had planned something for him.. they planned to put on a prank on him..
the were flours, a pail full of soap and water, a pail of water which had been mixed well with flours and also not to forget balloons with water inside it..

at first, the celebration went not too good as it had been planned.. well, half of us were not there, they were too busy of their own bussiness.. then, after we had sang a birthday song to him.. we ate the cake.. suddenly haslina came in.. she didi not realize that there was a pail on top of the door.. when she opened it, the pail fell on her, and she was totally wet with water.. :D

then, she quickly went to the dorm because she felt so ashamed with us.. i can't help myself laughing to her.. (sorry haslina)..
then, the boys started to throw the balloons filled with water towards benjo.. he tried to avoid, but suddenly, he kicked his desk.. actually he wanted to kick the balloons, but instead of that, he kicked his own desk..

he still smiled, but then, he turned pale. he had cut his own feet.. there was a long and deep cut on his right toe.. the blood oozed from the cut.. he was seriously in pain..
we quickly stoped playing around..

poor on him.. he actually had a badminton game tomorrow.. well, he was the representative for the blue house fo the badminton competition.. maybe he wasn't lucky enough to play for the game..

what a bad nightmare!
maybe, this was the worst birthday ever for him..
sorry benjo!

mock interview...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

hey guys..

it's me again..

well, it's been so long i haven't update my blog..

yet, so much things to do, so little time..

i would like to share with you guys about mock interview..

last week, all the fifth formers of tgbians were having a mock interview..
basically, it was not a real interview for the scholarship..
but it was just to give us the new experience, how to be interviewed by the panels and much more..

and as for me, my interview session was the last session.. it was on 11.20-11.50 am..
i was so hot out there when waiting for my session..
my group were Najwa Delaila, Helmi, Amirul Amzar and Khairun Bariah ad as for the panels. they were representatives from MSU (management & scince uni.).. at my first glance, i thought that they were knida strict persons.. but after what had Bieha told me, they were actually nice.. i was very relieved..

before i came in, i selawat to Prophet Muhammmad (P.B.U.H).. and when i entered the room.. all my nervous feelings vanished in the air.. hehehe~

the interview session went very well.. so do the group discussion session..
overall, the panels commented on me that, i was good. they also said that i had the confidence in me.. so what i just need is that, i need to improve more for next time..

hahahaha~ after the interview had ended, i went to my dorm, without wearing the shoes.. it was so iching .. maybe i should practice more on wearing the high heels.. :)

without wax,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

thursday's story..

salam alaik...

well, i'm home right now!
well, i was actually having a school break right now.. err... just a short break.. a very short break..

i was home last thursday.. i went home by bus with nica.. but there's a story that i would like to share it with u guys..
actually our ticket supposed to be 5.30 pm.. (couldn't u imagine how long we've to wait and wait at the MC,gosh!!!)
then luckily, the night before that, nica managed to find two tickets for both of us to KL by 4.30..

so the next day, the ting-tong buses came to our college abot 11.45 am.. early and i hadn't fully packed yet.. err.. then after i packed all my stuffs, nica and i went to catch our bus to MC.. but we were unlucky because all the buses were totally packed like sardins.. huhuhu~
there were about 20 of us who couldn't get inside the bus.. two bus had already went to mc..
then, nica came up with a brilliant idea..

"Hani, why don't we ask the teacher to give us a ride to MC?any teachers.. " nica said to me..
I quickly agreed with her. At last, our counsellor, Mr. Amir agreed to give us a ride to MC..

when we arrived at the MC, we quickly searched for the earliest tickets to KL.. Alhamdulillah, once again, we managed to buy two tickets to KL.. and guessed what?the bus was going to board at 2.30.. and that time, we only had 5 minutes more.. hahaha~ what a relief!

nica and i went to buy some food since we had't took our lunch..then we quickly got into the bus..

there were about 8 passengers i guessed in the bus.. hahaha~
at last, we arrived at Serdang about 4.10 pm
by 4.30 pm, i had finally arrived at my home.. :)


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tiada Siapa Yang Menjadi Hero Sejak Mula

Sekadar renungan buat semua..

Tiada Siapa Yang Menjadi Hero Sejak Mula
taken from:
Oleh : Imtiaz Sofea
Editor : arisHa27

Menjadi 'hero' bukanlah satu masalah sebenarnya. Namun, untuk mengekalkan gelaran 'hero' itu yang seringkali menjadi masalah dan menyebabkan sesetengah manusia tertekan dan akhirnya bertindak di luar batasan dan kebiasaan.
'Hero' yang saya maksudkan ialah perubahan.

" Adakah perubahan ini seperti angin perubahan atau ombak perubahan? "

Angin perubahan saya maksudkan sebagai istiqamah yakni perubahan secara perlahan-lahan tetapi berterusan. Ombak perubahan pula lebih senang jika saya maksudkan sebagai perubahan secara 'drastik' seperti ombak yang berterusan menghempas pantai tetapi akhirnya hilang dipukul badai.Kita perlu memikirkan benda-benda kecil dan remeh kerana perkara seperti ini merupakan langkah permulaan bagi perubahan yang lebih besar. Langkah pertamalah yang akan menentukan langkah seterusnya sehinggalah kita sampai ke destinasi terakhir.Berubah atau melakukan perubahan bukanlah perkara yang mudah. Perubahan yang ingin dibuat memerlukan semangat dan semangat itulah yang menentukan sama ada kita istiqamah atau tidak.

" Mari kita korbankan diri. "

Lebih senang difahami jika saya katakan;

" Mari kita korbankan dunia demi akhirat. "

Menjadi 'hero' menyebabkan kita perlu mengorbankan banyak perkara.
Antaranya ;
1. Korbankan perasaan :
Manusia kebiasaannya akan cenderung bertindak berdasarkan perasaan. Lebih senang jika saya katakan sebagai mengikut hati.Jadi mengorbankan perasaan adalah perkara terpenting untuk dilakukan di dalam melakukan perubahan. Maksud saya bukanlah mengorbankan dan memusnahkan perasaan sehingga menjadi manusia yang tidak berperasaan tetapi sekadar untuk menundukkan perasaan. Sekali anda dapat menundukkan perasaan, Insyaallah nafsu turut dapat ditundukkan.

" Islam datang bukanlah untuk menafikan perasaan tetapi untuk menuntun perasaan mengikut jalan yang benar. "

2. Korbankan diri :Saya bukanlah menyeru anda semua untuk membunuh diri tetapi menyeru untuk mengorbankan nafsu yang terdapat di dalam diri . Berkorban tidak semestinya terkorban. Oleh itu, dengan mengorbankan nafsu yang terdapat di dalam diri, Insyaallah jalan anda akan lebih cerah untuk menuju ke alam perubahan.

3. Korbankan masa :Keberkatan masa amat kita perlukan di dalam memulakan langkah untuk berubah. Apabila kita melakukan perkara-perkara yang diberkati maka masa dan waktu seharian kita akan diredhai oleh Allah. Apabila kita mendapat keredhaan Allah, maka Insyaallah kita akan nampak kebaikan-kebaikan yang boleh kita lakukan dan ini akan memberi kesan yang lebih mendalam kepada kita.

4. Korbankan harta :Sebut sahaja tentang harta mungkin masih ramai yang teragak-agak untuk mengorbankannya. Harta bukanlah segala-galanya. Oleh itu, untuk berubah harta adalah antara perkara yang perlu dikorbankan. Contohnya, membelanjakan wang untuk membeli baju yang boleh menutup aurat dengan sempurna. Insyaallah, harta yang kita korbankan akan dibalas dengan balasan yang lebih baik oleh Allah.

5. Korbankan nyawa :Maksud saya di sini ialah kita mewakafkan diri kita demi Islam. Mengabdikan kehidupan kita untuk mengajak rakan-rakan dan ahli keluarga untuk tunduk kepada perintah Allah dan lain-lain lagi yang membuktikan kita ialah muslim sepenuh masa dan bukannya untuk seketika.

Moga kita dapat berubah supaya dapat menjadi muslim sejati..


salam alaik..
well, this week was a very exhausting week for me..
june was over already, and here come july..

oh no..
it's july right now..
can't you believe it?

since it's already july right now, i had made some resolutions..
yeah, i needed to change..
people might said that i was way too hypocrite or whatsoever, but..
Allah knew whether i was really, really wanted to make these changes or not..

well, i had list down some of my resolutions, and i tried my very best and pulled my butts off..
i didn't know, but i just hope these changes were not fade away from till death..
maybe, there'll be improvements, time by time..

so, just wish me luck for all those changes that i'd made..
and hopefully, Allah bless me :)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my result..

hye guys..
it's been awhile i hadn't update my blog..
yeah, there's no enough time for me to blogging at the school..

this week, we got our result already..
about me?
mine was very bad i should say..
yeah, it's true..
maybe some people might say that my result was good..
but seriously man, that was very terrific for me..
i guessed i need to get up from my lazinees..
wake up hani..
the trial is just around the corner..
*long and deep sigh

without wax,

Saturday, June 19, 2010


hey guys.
well, it's me again..
it's already 4 am in the morning, and i haven't sleep yet..
too busy with my homeworks..
i still haven't finish it up..
my mom had already babbled at me.
next time, don't be so lazy y dear hani..
tomorrow, i have to go back to my hometown at Malacca..
and i really don't like it very much..

that's all i guess..
wish me luck.
till we meet again..

without wax,

Friday, June 18, 2010

morning :)


hello everyone!
just wanna drop by here and say,

Good morning!
have a nice day!

duh.. i still got my piles of homework to be done..
this will be a tiring day for me..
i promise..

without wax,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

hani's to-do-list..

so here it goes..

1. do my homework
2. do my homework
3. do my homework
4. do my homework

conclusion: hani, turn off the laptop and get back to your work now!

but i just can't..
so lazy..

without wax,

to my dearest friend...

Alhamdulillah, finally.. i get a chance to write on this blog again.. hahaha~ not online for a day seemed like not online for 10 days.. gosh.. i'm really a person-who-really-addicted-to-online!!
so, whatever it is.. my holiday is almost over, yet my homework hasn't done yet.. yeah, there are piles of homework to be done.. huhuhu~
so, whatever it is.. i would like to wish my friend, saz..

-May Allah bless you..
-Hope that you have a fabulous birthday!!
-All the best in whatever you do..
-May our friendship will last forever..

without wax,
your friend,

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

to my friend, fateh izani..

hello fateh..
if you read this post, i just want to say...

so, May Allah bless u..

have a fabulous birthday and best of luck in your life :)

without wax,

hani yasmin yahaya :)

most popular show toppled..

'CSI' Catches the Most International TV-Watching Eyeballs
By Joseph Brannigan Lynch Monday, June 14, 2010, 11:48 AM
Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Langston.
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Last year, FOX's "House" claimed the title of most-watched TV program in the world, but this weekend a different TV drama reclaimed its status as the most popular show among international audiences.

CBS' long-running "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" toppled "House" with more than 73.8 million viewers worldwide, according to the esteemed Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

This isn't the first time the ten-year-old forensics crime drama has been declared the world's most popular show by the fest - in fact, the "CSI" franchise has dominated almost every year of the International TV Audience Award's five-year history. "
CSI: Miami" was the first show to be honored as the most-watched drama internationally in 2006, and its forerunner "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" took the award in 2007 and 2008. But the original "CSI" was bested in 2009 by "House," the same year it suffered a significant drop in ratings when the show's central character Gil Grissom (William Petersen) left in its ninth season.

[Photos: Stars of the world's most popular show]

Although its
U.S. ratings have begun to climb as people tune in to see Laurence Fishburne take over as the show's main character, it still hasn't wholly regained its prominence in the American market. But apparently when the world wants to watch a crime drama, "CSI" is still its number-one choice.

world's most-watched comedy has faced similar troubles retaining American viewers in recent years. The Monte-Carlo fest named ABC's "Desperate Housewives" the most popular comedy worldwide, even though American viewers have been gradually tuning out for some time. This international adoration for the "Desperate Housewives" might give some consolation to the women of Wisteria Lane, especially after the show hit its all-time ratings low last month in key demographics.

As for "CSI's" future, box office domination could be the next step. Departed lead character William Petersen told fans that Gil Grissom will be leaving his fingerprints on the silver screen in an upcoming "CSI" movie. While production hasn't started yet, Petersen told TV Guide
the jump to the big screen will happen while the show is still on-air: "We can't wait for ‘CSI' to end or Grissom will be about 90."


hehehe~ interesting isn't?
well, 'csi' is my one of my favourite TV shows, and not to forget 'house' too.. but, i can't follow it since i'm now studying at the boarding school, which means that no TV at all, and NO ASTRO of course!

and as for me, i really think that 'CSI: Crime Scence Investigation' and 'CSI:NY' are much better than 'CSI:Miami'.. i know that, there are many people out there disagree with me, but hey.. that's my opinion okay?
hahaha~ don't be mad at me..

with all due and respect, (ahhh..i love this quote, and i haven't used it in my blog after quite sometime..)

Monday, June 14, 2010

i love boarding school!!

Hurmm.. today.. my life went as usual.. well, it was somehow, a boring life actually.. you wouldn’t like it.. I could guaranteed that. So, today, I woke up at 5 am. My mom asked me to fast together since my entire family were fasting.. well, today was 1st Rejab (idk,correct me if I’m wrong)..but I said to my mom that I didn’t want to, since I have my extra classes today, and it was a very long,long extra classes.. well, it was from 8am till 5pm.. ( that’s very long isn’t?) so, I continiued to sleep until 6.30am.. (hehehe~)

Then I woke up. After performed my Subuh prayer, I went down and searched for food. Yeah, God knew how much I was starving since I hadn’t took any single rice yesterday.. hahaha~ but that’s not mean I was putting myself on diet okay? I didn’t know.. I just felt not in mood to eat rice.. =.=

Well, after I had my heavy breakfast, I went to the centre.. I was late actually. (it’s not late actually.. but usually I came before 8am, but today I came about 8.10 am).. so the class started quite late actually (heck, I hate that!).. the teacher came quite late.. but it’s okay since I got enough chance to do my PAI homework.. hehehe~ but the thing I hate the most is that, when the teacher turned up late, still, there were some students playing around. Gosh! Do you realize that you’ll sit for SPM this year? And do you realize that the SPM is just around the corner? The trial is just couples of months from today.. ohmigod! I bet you guys don’t realize it.. oh maybe, you guys are well prepared for it..( but I don’t think so..) O_o

Hurm.. that’s the real life people.. I don’t want to be buyers or something.. ( did I spell the word correctly?).. but, to me, students from the boarding school is much, much, much better than students from daily school.. you know why? Well, to my opinion, the students from the boarding school have a great attitude.. well, not that 100% good.. I know,some of them are not that good.. ( remember, everybody is not perfect!).. let me give you some situations so that you can judge by yourself..

First, when the teacher turned up late today, there were some of us stayed in the room, read the book, did some revison… and mostly, they were boarding school students.. ( I must admit that, there were some daily school students, but the ratio was not that high..) but the rest, and boys especially.. they were busy chatting and playing around while waiting for the teacher at the outside of the class… I’m not saying that I’m good, and the rest of my friends were totally bad.. and I’m not saying that we, the boarding school’s students are very,very clever..but the thing is, you can see the differences between students who have been trained with discipline and rules, instead of students who just learned about discipline and rules only in school, not 100% like us, the boarding school students.. ( except for those who really have strict parents..) and when it comes to Zuhur prayer, I could see that, some of the boys, didn’t performed their solat.. and they were basically students from the daily school..

Haisy.. I’m sorry if this post made u feel angry to me, I couldn’t judge people straight away just like that right? Hurm.. but, in the other hands, I saluted for those who are very ambitious.. well, this week, I have met some new friends.. and to be truth, they were far too good I guess, compared to the boarding school’s students like me.. they knew how to manage their time,what they want to be, what they would do after SPM.. but in boarding school, we have to follow the timetable that were made for us.. that’s the big difference..they became more independent.. hahaha~ as for me? I wouldn’t be that much good either..( I must admit that, I was too much ‘bergantung’ to prep hours..hahaha)

Before I pen off, I would like to appologize for my harsh words, my rudeness and all that stuffs made you feel irritated to me.. I know this post was kinda hurt.. I’m sorry..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

happy birthday..

hurm.. today is my friends' birthday, nawi and syahirah jafri..
well, i would like to wish you guys,


if you guys read this post.. hahaha~ no offense okay?

p/s: thanks a lot nawi for calling me this afternoon.. it's great to get a chance to talk with you again.. i'm just hoping that you can be stronger after what had happened to you.. btw, congratulation for making 3.85 for this semester..keep up the good work! :)


i'm so sorry.. my last post, which is ..
the poem about school life is troublesome..
i'm sorry..

school life

About school life - Teachers, friends, and daily routines.
School life

© Cheryl Theseira

School is a daily routine for us
In the morning, we're sure to make a fuss
Even when the sun is still not up,
Here we are, awake at 6am sharp

We feel that school is such a bore
We feel that school is such a chore
Parents say, “School’s great! Now, go!”
We say, “Well, what do you know?”
Late a minute and we have to run
Eyes half open, shoelaces undone
We reach school and we see our friends,
Immediately, the torture ends
We have a chat and go with the flow
Then the bell rings, it is time to go
We may at times find school stressful
To have some fun, we have to bend some rules
Talk back to teachers, and detention we serve
No doubt, it is sometimes what we deserve
Sometimes they are as cold as ice
And other times they're actually really nice
They teach us and give us a helping hand
They’re forever ready to listen and be a friend
They have built much confidence in us
Just not when they are being really harsh
Over the years of education,
Never have we had so much learning with action
Such as camps, experiments, concerts and activities
We’ve learnt so much and even saved the trees
A wise teacher once said aloud
-Success is failure turned inside out
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit
Some may see school as a torture chamber
Some cannot wait for the holidays in December
But it depends on how we look at school
Honestly, positively, school is cool!

i like this poem.. hahaha~ yeah, that's true..
school is so much fun and cool..
eventhough somehow i feel so sick about it..
i just realize that this year is my senior year.. after this, no more school..
hurm.. i'm going to miss the school life..

does the school is killing you?

that's for sure,people :)

england vs usa (1-1)

hurm.. yesterday, i watched the match between argentina and nigeria..
well, it was kinda boring game actually..
hahaha~ messi was not that good during the match..
argentina won 1-0 against nigeria..

and as for england.. they drew 1-1 with usa..
gerrard scored..
oh well.. that's not a good game for england i guess.. they should won the game.. ( according to my friend, nawi..)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

new template

i realize that blogger has new templates right?
ah, i don't want to change my layout..
sorry, but still.. i love this layout..
maybe after some time since i just edit my layout recently..

13 - 9 = 4

hurm.. i just came back from the night market and warta..
then, my mother and i went to buy KFC since my aunt will come to our house tonight..
well, my mother ordered the family plate set, which means that there should be 13 chickens..
but when we came back, we just realized that there were only 9 chickens.. where did the 4 chickens go?

my mom was very frustrated and angry.. the receipt? huh? she didn't give us the receipt ( the one who in charged to take the order from us)

i think that, next time, we should check it first.. well, that was too bad.. 4 chickens okay? not 1..
and now, i can't even eat the chickens since my mom said that we have to wait for my aunt first.. if there any leftovers, then i can eat..


Thursday, June 10, 2010

11th June

Hi everyone!
it's me again..

i know, the blog's name had been changed..
just to make a new look for my blog..
okay, whatever it is..
tomorrow is 11th June..
I believe that most people in this entire world can't wait for tomorrow..
guess what?

that's right..
it is...........

i come from a family that really loves football.. (well except for my mother and my brother #2)
eventhough we are not the die-hard fans.. but still, we follow all the latest news about football..

The World Cup event is an event that will be held in every four years.. and for this year, South Africa is the host for this global event.32 countries participate in this international event. This official event of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ is organised by FIFA, streetfootballworld, the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising Committee South Africa and the City of Johannesburg.

and as for me.. my favourite team will be England.. hahaha~ i don't know.. but i just love England..maybe because there is my favourite player there.. hahaha~
p/s: can't wait for Malaysia team to be qualified to World Cup.. I wonder when it will be.. *sigh..
never mind, "Malaysia Boleh!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i just can't get it...


hurm.. yesterday, i went to the night market ( a.k.a pasar malam) with my mom and my annoying brother ( he such a jerk,really..) after i had finished mu extra class at 5.00 p.m.
then, my mother when to browse the scarfs.. the scarfs that nowadays women love to wear it.. the Ariani scarf.. but these were not Arianis, but it just the brand that were not so famous like Ariani. hahaha~ whatever..

i didn't want to talk about it.. the point is that, i wanted to share with you guys, 2 situations that i just can't get it..

1st situation

when i was waiting for my mom to choose the scarf.. suddenly, something caught on my eyes.. hahaha~ guess what?
i saw a woman sold the scarfs! the scarfs were vast.. but the thing is that.. that woman herself didn't wore a scarf.. hahaha~ that's funny isn't it? you sold the scarf, but you didn't wore it..
i didn't know.. but in my opinion, it sounded very funny.. i'm sorry if my opinion didn't seem like you guys..
but that's it.. i just can't get it.. i really appreciated that you asked every muslimah to wore scarf, but how about you? did you?

2nd situation

for this school holiday, i had extra classes for add math, chemistry and physics.. yeah, the killing subjects right?
hurm.. that was not my point.. what i want to talk about is that, some how, i saw some girls wore scarf, but they didn't cove their aurat in a proper way.. well, their clothes were not completely covered their aurat.. yes i know, i'm not that good like an angel.. but still, didn't you feel awkward? i felt very awkward if i put myself on that situation.. yes i know.. i made mistakes.. many mistakes.. my solat (especially..), the way i acted.. i know.. i'm not perfect.. but i think.. i have to try, to change myself..
i don't know, somehow.. i feel that, my iman goes upside down.. at school, i think.. i'm far better that by myself at home... i don't know..that's what i feel...

but whatever it is.. i think, we have to change.. I'm not saying that i'm alim or what-it-call.. i don't wear handsocks or tudung labuh.. but as a muslimah, it's my responsibilities right, to advice?

lastly, I'm sorry for my harsh words and my rudeness.. SORRY...
just hope for the best...

Wassalam.. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

no topic..

ah.. i had no idea what to write on..

my first day..

hurm.. today i had my first extra class..
well, it was from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm..
so long right?
and i was completely exhausted!!
never mind..
this is for my own good too..
well, this year is my senior final year of schooling..
hurmm.. so i have to put on more effort to strive for infinite excellence( same goes on as tgb's tagline, hehehe)

my homework? still untouched.. haiya.. how come i want to finish it?
i was so busy currently...
no matter what it is..
i have to do it..

(suddenly become so 'semangat')


p/s: my mp4 had turn to normal back.. Alhamdulillah~ praise be to Allah

Monday, June 7, 2010

h is for homework

yeah, school holiday is not complete without homework.

that's the fact if you are schooling in the boarding school instead of ordinary secondary school..
it may seemed like some sort of burden to you, but i guess it's for our own good too..

( yeah, that's what everybody keep talking about.. just to make their heart smile back after received tons, tons, tons of homework)
(this picture is taken from the web,it's not mine actually)

whatever it is.. my new resolution is.. i want to make sure that my homework is finished before i go back to my college..

well, spm is just around the corner..
maybe just about a month from now..
time goes by so quickly..