Wednesday, December 30, 2009

counting on the days left..

so, it is almost at the end of 2009..
yeah, byebye 2009, hello 2010!

so, my holidays are almost over (duhh!! i hate it)
so, i'm going back to the college (hurray!! here i come tgb)
so, i hadn't pack my stuffs yet, since i was so lazy to do it.. (sigh)
and i didn't want to.. (grin)
my room was so messy and you couldn't even differentiate ( the spell is correct huh?) where is my bed, books and pillows.. hahaha~
so messy i tell u lah!

yesterday, i went out with my mom and my two little brothers that annoyed and irritated me sometime to have our lunch together..
hurmm.. yet.. it wasn't so good at all..
we had to wait for a long time to have our food!
yeah, i was like to know, just leave the restaurant and find another place..
my mom was also kinda mad ( she was actually)..

so after that, we went to buy my brother's bag for school.. he seemed happy to have a new Nike-bag. ( yeah, i'm pretty sure about that).
then, we went to buy a small hammer for me ( i have a topsecret mission at college to-do)..
after that, my mom and i went to have haircuts.. yeahh..
i got a new haircut..
it was short..really short.. hehehe~

that's all i guess..

Monday, December 21, 2009



okay, yesterday, i went to Hospital An-Nur..
i had a minor operation regarding the wart on my left toe..

i wasn't feel so nervous since it was my second time, did the same thing at the same place..
but it wasn't like what i thought..

the wart was much bigger than before!
gosh.. it was very painful..
the nurse showed me how the wart looked like.. was REALLY big i tell u ..

and that night, i can't sleep at all..
it was so menyakitkan dan berdenyut2..

and just now, i went to clinic for dressing ( i don't know it spelled, but it is some sort like cleaning the wound)..
ah.. i could see the blood cascaded.. huhuhu~
ouch.. my tears dropped after that..

so this is my leg after the operation..
semoga Allah memberiku kekuatan utk menghadapi ujian-Nya ini..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

this or that?

actually i felt that i'm not into a mood to complete my homeworks.. duh..
just did this surveys.. yeap.. nothing else..

1red rose or white?
white is so much better!

2salt or pepper?
both of them, no!

3pink or blue?
of course blue! no way pink!

4hamburgers or hot dogs?
hot dogs =.=

5music or movies?
can i have both? :)

6comedy or horror?
comedy is a way better. not saying that i'm too scared of watching horror movies..

7action or adventure?
action+adventure= cool!

8summer or winter?
winter..i'm dying to play with snows! hahaha~

9sun or stars?
we need both of them.. so, BOTH!

10hott or cute?
cute :)

11walk or run?
sometimes walk, sometimes run.. depends on the situation lah.

12funny or romantic?
funny :)

13crunchy or creamy peanut butter?
a.i cannot eat neither of them.

14rings or necklaces?
necklaces seem pretty cool to me :)

15camping out or slumber party?
camping, camping, camping!! oh, did i say camping?

16white or dark chocolate?
dark chocolate.. i don't really like white though..

17night or day?
night and day..

18blood or guts?
huh? idk.. no idea

19school or work?
of course school..lots of excitements..

20surfing or snowboarding?
i prefer surfing.. haha~ i wish i could.

21soft candy or hard candy?
it's better to soft :)

22phone or e-mail?
BOTH. i hardly go with only one.

23pencil or pen?
pencil is much, much better la.

24pizza or chicken wings?

25dog or cat?
i can't stand to any both of them.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful

Alhamdulillah, finally, i got a chance to write back!

sorry i hadn't write for a long time..(long enough huh?)
so basically, today is 1 Muharram 1431H according to Muslim's calendar.
i believed that it's not too late for me to wish every Muslims, Salam Ma'al Hijrah.
so yesterday, before the Maghrib prayer, i recited Surah Yasin and Doa Akhir Tahun ( i didn't know how to say it in English, sorry).. then after the Maghrib i recited Doa Awal Tahun..
so, new year, new resolution, new chapter of life :)
by the way, i had received a SMS.i really like it.. it said..
" sometimes Allah break our spirit to save our soul. He breaks our heart to make us whole. He sends us pain so we can be stronger. He sends us failure so we can be humble. He sends us illness so we can take care of ourselves. sometimes Allah take everything away from us so we can learn the value of everything He gave us. Allah is great!"
so, think about it deeply..
that's all i guess..
but before that, one again..
Salam Ma'al Hijrah!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

kisah disebalik solat jumaat..

okay, yesterday i went to Port Dickson (a.k.a PD). we went to Bayu Beach Resort. it was ok i should say, eventhough i didn't enjoy it really much (hahaha~)

ok, back to the topic then.. we checked out from the hotel around 12.30 p.m. after that, we went to search for a mosque since my father and my brother wanted to perform their Solat Jumaat. Alhamdulillah, we managed to find a mosque.. ( i didn't want to say the name of the mosque)
so, when my father and my brother went inside the mosque, my mother, my little brother and i stayed outside. we sat and ate bananas ( there were bananas which i sould say in Malay, that bananas ada org sedekah kan for sesape yg nk ).. after we ate, we went to the back of the mosque after an old man told us, it was better to sit at the back of the mosque since it was quite redup ( it was a hot day and i sweated a lot) =.=

so ( i think it is better if i wrote in Malay, huh?)
semasa sedang duduk di belakang masjid, terdapat beberapa orang remaja yang sedang duduk melepak sambil berbual-bual kosong, walhal ceramah sudah berakhir dan solat jumaat bakal didirikan sebentar sahaja lagi. tatkala seruan azan memecah kesunyian di langit memanggil anak Adam untuk mendirikan solat, saya lihat ramai kelibat-kelibat para remaja menuju ke belakang masji, tempat kami berteduh. mereka terkejut dan 'malu alah' tatkala melihat saya dan emak saya duduk di situ. mereka berlalu pergi, tetapi masih tidak ke dalam masjid untuk menunaikan solat jumaat.

tatkala khutbah, saya lihat semakin ramai remaja lelaki pergi ke belakang masjid untuk melepak sambil berbual kosong dan menghisap rokok. apabila mereka ternampak kami, mereka jadi malu, mungkin kerana kami ini perempuan dan juga malu akan kelakuan diri sendiri. ibu saya dan saya hanya mampu memandang.. ada juga yang tidak tahu malu, duduk sahaja di situ sambil menghisap rokok.

semasa solat jemaah, bilangan para remaja lelaki yang tidak mengikuti jemaah semakin bertambah. mereka lebih rela berpanas di bawah sinaran matahari yang terik sambil berbual kosong, ber'sms' dan menghisap rokok daripada solat jumaat seolah-olah satu dosa jikalau mendirikan solat jumaat itu lagaknya.. apakah mereka tidak tahu bahawa itu dosa sedangkan mereka sudah akhil baligh dan mampu membezakan mana satu yang baik dan buruk, yang hak dan yang batil? saya hanya mampu beristighfar..

Masya-Allah. apakah ini senario pemuda-pemuda zaman sekarang? apakah susah sangat kiranya untuk mendirikan solat jumaat? saya fikir, bilangan remaja yang tidak mendirikan solat jumaat pada ketika itu melebihi satu saf kiranya. Astaghfirullahalazim..
ini baru satu masjid, yang saya kira bukan letaknya di bandar.. kalau di masjid lain, tidak tergambar berapa ramai yang meninggalkan solat jumaat..

usai sahaja solat jumaat, pemuda-pemuda itu berlalu pergi tanpa ada rasa insaf dan kesal atas perbuatan mereka itu.. YA ALLAH..

jikalau perkara ini berlaku pada zaman sekarang, apakah yang mungkin akan terjadi pada 10 atau 20 tahun akan datang? inikah generasi yang dikatakan generasi hebat, generasi yang akan menjadi tunggak negara, generasi yang akan menjadi teknokrat yang mampu memacu kemajuan dan pembangunan negara? jika perkara ini dibiarkan berterusan, lambat-laun, negara ini akan menjadi 'padang jarak, padang terkukur'.


Segala yang baik itu datangnya dari Allah SWT, dan segala yang buruk itu datang dari Allah SWT juga namun atas kelemahan diri saya sendiri.
Semoga kita mendapat pengajaran disebalik kisah ini..