Friday, May 8, 2009

hani yahaya turns to 16!!

today is my day,

today is my birthday,

happy, happy birthday to me!


today is my 16th birthday, and that means, i'm now 16 years old, not 6 years old any more! hahaha~

sweet 16!i guess, everybody couldn't wait for their sweet 16, so do am i..

so far, i didn't receive any present at all, but never mind.. it's ok..

hahaha~it doesn't matter at all, as long as u wish me! hehehe~

i really2 appreciate to those who'd wished me.. thanks a lot for it!

credits for:

  • nana

  • ma

(these two people were the earliest person who greeted me..)

i guess that's all for now..


with all due and respect;

-hani a.k.a hyhy-