Wednesday, December 30, 2009

counting on the days left..

so, it is almost at the end of 2009..
yeah, byebye 2009, hello 2010!

so, my holidays are almost over (duhh!! i hate it)
so, i'm going back to the college (hurray!! here i come tgb)
so, i hadn't pack my stuffs yet, since i was so lazy to do it.. (sigh)
and i didn't want to.. (grin)
my room was so messy and you couldn't even differentiate ( the spell is correct huh?) where is my bed, books and pillows.. hahaha~
so messy i tell u lah!

yesterday, i went out with my mom and my two little brothers that annoyed and irritated me sometime to have our lunch together..
hurmm.. yet.. it wasn't so good at all..
we had to wait for a long time to have our food!
yeah, i was like to know, just leave the restaurant and find another place..
my mom was also kinda mad ( she was actually)..

so after that, we went to buy my brother's bag for school.. he seemed happy to have a new Nike-bag. ( yeah, i'm pretty sure about that).
then, we went to buy a small hammer for me ( i have a topsecret mission at college to-do)..
after that, my mom and i went to have haircuts.. yeahh..
i got a new haircut..
it was short..really short.. hehehe~

that's all i guess..

Monday, December 21, 2009



okay, yesterday, i went to Hospital An-Nur..
i had a minor operation regarding the wart on my left toe..

i wasn't feel so nervous since it was my second time, did the same thing at the same place..
but it wasn't like what i thought..

the wart was much bigger than before!
gosh.. it was very painful..
the nurse showed me how the wart looked like.. was REALLY big i tell u ..

and that night, i can't sleep at all..
it was so menyakitkan dan berdenyut2..

and just now, i went to clinic for dressing ( i don't know it spelled, but it is some sort like cleaning the wound)..
ah.. i could see the blood cascaded.. huhuhu~
ouch.. my tears dropped after that..

so this is my leg after the operation..
semoga Allah memberiku kekuatan utk menghadapi ujian-Nya ini..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

this or that?

actually i felt that i'm not into a mood to complete my homeworks.. duh..
just did this surveys.. yeap.. nothing else..

1red rose or white?
white is so much better!

2salt or pepper?
both of them, no!

3pink or blue?
of course blue! no way pink!

4hamburgers or hot dogs?
hot dogs =.=

5music or movies?
can i have both? :)

6comedy or horror?
comedy is a way better. not saying that i'm too scared of watching horror movies..

7action or adventure?
action+adventure= cool!

8summer or winter?
winter..i'm dying to play with snows! hahaha~

9sun or stars?
we need both of them.. so, BOTH!

10hott or cute?
cute :)

11walk or run?
sometimes walk, sometimes run.. depends on the situation lah.

12funny or romantic?
funny :)

13crunchy or creamy peanut butter?
a.i cannot eat neither of them.

14rings or necklaces?
necklaces seem pretty cool to me :)

15camping out or slumber party?
camping, camping, camping!! oh, did i say camping?

16white or dark chocolate?
dark chocolate.. i don't really like white though..

17night or day?
night and day..

18blood or guts?
huh? idk.. no idea

19school or work?
of course school..lots of excitements..

20surfing or snowboarding?
i prefer surfing.. haha~ i wish i could.

21soft candy or hard candy?
it's better to soft :)

22phone or e-mail?
BOTH. i hardly go with only one.

23pencil or pen?
pencil is much, much better la.

24pizza or chicken wings?

25dog or cat?
i can't stand to any both of them.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful

Alhamdulillah, finally, i got a chance to write back!

sorry i hadn't write for a long time..(long enough huh?)
so basically, today is 1 Muharram 1431H according to Muslim's calendar.
i believed that it's not too late for me to wish every Muslims, Salam Ma'al Hijrah.
so yesterday, before the Maghrib prayer, i recited Surah Yasin and Doa Akhir Tahun ( i didn't know how to say it in English, sorry).. then after the Maghrib i recited Doa Awal Tahun..
so, new year, new resolution, new chapter of life :)
by the way, i had received a SMS.i really like it.. it said..
" sometimes Allah break our spirit to save our soul. He breaks our heart to make us whole. He sends us pain so we can be stronger. He sends us failure so we can be humble. He sends us illness so we can take care of ourselves. sometimes Allah take everything away from us so we can learn the value of everything He gave us. Allah is great!"
so, think about it deeply..
that's all i guess..
but before that, one again..
Salam Ma'al Hijrah!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

kisah disebalik solat jumaat..

okay, yesterday i went to Port Dickson (a.k.a PD). we went to Bayu Beach Resort. it was ok i should say, eventhough i didn't enjoy it really much (hahaha~)

ok, back to the topic then.. we checked out from the hotel around 12.30 p.m. after that, we went to search for a mosque since my father and my brother wanted to perform their Solat Jumaat. Alhamdulillah, we managed to find a mosque.. ( i didn't want to say the name of the mosque)
so, when my father and my brother went inside the mosque, my mother, my little brother and i stayed outside. we sat and ate bananas ( there were bananas which i sould say in Malay, that bananas ada org sedekah kan for sesape yg nk ).. after we ate, we went to the back of the mosque after an old man told us, it was better to sit at the back of the mosque since it was quite redup ( it was a hot day and i sweated a lot) =.=

so ( i think it is better if i wrote in Malay, huh?)
semasa sedang duduk di belakang masjid, terdapat beberapa orang remaja yang sedang duduk melepak sambil berbual-bual kosong, walhal ceramah sudah berakhir dan solat jumaat bakal didirikan sebentar sahaja lagi. tatkala seruan azan memecah kesunyian di langit memanggil anak Adam untuk mendirikan solat, saya lihat ramai kelibat-kelibat para remaja menuju ke belakang masji, tempat kami berteduh. mereka terkejut dan 'malu alah' tatkala melihat saya dan emak saya duduk di situ. mereka berlalu pergi, tetapi masih tidak ke dalam masjid untuk menunaikan solat jumaat.

tatkala khutbah, saya lihat semakin ramai remaja lelaki pergi ke belakang masjid untuk melepak sambil berbual kosong dan menghisap rokok. apabila mereka ternampak kami, mereka jadi malu, mungkin kerana kami ini perempuan dan juga malu akan kelakuan diri sendiri. ibu saya dan saya hanya mampu memandang.. ada juga yang tidak tahu malu, duduk sahaja di situ sambil menghisap rokok.

semasa solat jemaah, bilangan para remaja lelaki yang tidak mengikuti jemaah semakin bertambah. mereka lebih rela berpanas di bawah sinaran matahari yang terik sambil berbual kosong, ber'sms' dan menghisap rokok daripada solat jumaat seolah-olah satu dosa jikalau mendirikan solat jumaat itu lagaknya.. apakah mereka tidak tahu bahawa itu dosa sedangkan mereka sudah akhil baligh dan mampu membezakan mana satu yang baik dan buruk, yang hak dan yang batil? saya hanya mampu beristighfar..

Masya-Allah. apakah ini senario pemuda-pemuda zaman sekarang? apakah susah sangat kiranya untuk mendirikan solat jumaat? saya fikir, bilangan remaja yang tidak mendirikan solat jumaat pada ketika itu melebihi satu saf kiranya. Astaghfirullahalazim..
ini baru satu masjid, yang saya kira bukan letaknya di bandar.. kalau di masjid lain, tidak tergambar berapa ramai yang meninggalkan solat jumaat..

usai sahaja solat jumaat, pemuda-pemuda itu berlalu pergi tanpa ada rasa insaf dan kesal atas perbuatan mereka itu.. YA ALLAH..

jikalau perkara ini berlaku pada zaman sekarang, apakah yang mungkin akan terjadi pada 10 atau 20 tahun akan datang? inikah generasi yang dikatakan generasi hebat, generasi yang akan menjadi tunggak negara, generasi yang akan menjadi teknokrat yang mampu memacu kemajuan dan pembangunan negara? jika perkara ini dibiarkan berterusan, lambat-laun, negara ini akan menjadi 'padang jarak, padang terkukur'.


Segala yang baik itu datangnya dari Allah SWT, dan segala yang buruk itu datang dari Allah SWT juga namun atas kelemahan diri saya sendiri.
Semoga kita mendapat pengajaran disebalik kisah ini..


Saturday, November 28, 2009


actually, i'm quite bored..
i just finished my history's homework, yay!! ( but, there's tons of homework yet to be done)

well, i just did some surveys..
here it goes...

What song has captured your mind lately?
- me against the world, simple plan..
i know, the song isn't popular nowadays..

What TV show do you catch regularly?
-aha, didn't watch tv a lot.. but since holidays, i can't help myself of watching detective conan!

What book really has lately engaged you?
-i really, really want to read the airhead's series 3rd book, runaway if i'm not mistaken (written by meg cabot)

What movie do you find yourself re-watching?
- X2: X-Men United ( i watched it last night)

Has someone in your life become a new and surprising friend?
-hurm.. let me guess.. idk

Is there a book/film/piece of music from your childhood you still have?
-book? of course.. i got lots of them :)

What is something that is over-rated lately?
-duh.. no idea :(

What is the best kept secret in music you NEED to share?
- i don't have one i think..

What comfort food has been important to you of late?
- chocolate..chocolate ..chocolate!!!

What place is your hiding place?
-behind the door, inside the wardrobe, under my bed.. lol~ :D

Do you collect anything? If so what?
-yeah,sure! stamps and keychain :)

What is a weekly ritual for you?
-having breakfast, clean up my room..

What beverage is a daily consumable for you?
- just plain water.. :)

What store or shop do you frequent the most?
-KOOP :)

Are you a creature of habit?
- errr.. no comment

What is your favorite animal?
- rabbit! but i didn't have one :(

Who is your favorite actress/actor?
- orlando bloom, ben barnes, robert pattinson... ah ..
i've long list of them!

Are you obsessed with pink?
-hell no!

Thursday, November 26, 2009



so, tomorrow will be hari raya aidiladha @ Eid al-Adha.

so, let me explain to you guys, what is mean by Eid al-Adha.

(p/s: this article is taken from Wikipedia and i've editted some of it..sorry..)
Eid al-Adha (in Arabic: عيد الأضحى‎ ‘Īdu l-’Aḍḥā), "Festival of Sacrifice" or "Greater Eid" is a holiday celebrated by the Muslim worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Nabi Ibrahim A.S to sacrifice his son, Nabi Ismail A.S as an act of obedience to Allah S.W.T.

Eid al-Adha is the latter of two Eid festivals celebrated by Muslims, whose basis comes from the Quran.Like Eidul- Fitr, Eid al-Adha begins with a short prayer followed by a sermon (khutbah).

Eid al-Adha annually falls on the 10th day of the month of Zulhijjah (ذو الحجة) of the lunar Islamic calendar. The festivities last for three days or more depending on the country.

as for tomorrow, Insya-Allah my family and i will go back to our hometown which is at Meru, Klang...

oh, i can't wait!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

girls day out :)

hello again! ( in a cheerful mood)

so, yesterday, i went out.. or the right one, hung out with some of my friends..

so, firstly, i didn't know that my mom was really serious to give me permission, (in the other way, allowed me to go out) since it was really hard for me to hang out with my friends, especially when it comes to KLCC, Midvalley and other places around the Klang Valley..

so, basically, i just did my dull routine, did some kuak lentang & golek-golek on my bed..


then my mom asked, " hey you want to go to KLCC or not? why haven't you get ready yet?"

err WHAT?

i just really can't believed what i was hearing just now.. i thought that my mom won't allowed me to go to KLCC since she thought that it was really dangerous and so much more.. ( hello, i am 16 already..hehehe)

so, i quickly rushed to the toilet, took a bath and got prepared.. my mom stormed since she had waited me to get prepared for 17 minutes!!! ( well, my mom is really strict upon punctuality,but it really opposed against me,heh)

so, after my mom sent my brothers to the tuition centre( actually, the three of us had our english class during this school holiday, but i skipped it ..only for that, she drove me to the KTM's station at Kajang..

the i started my journey.. i took a komuter to KL Sentral, then took the LRT to the KLCC.. i met asilah on my way to KLCC.. i was really excited and happy to see her!!!


we arrived at KLCC around 12.30 i guess.. then, we just walked, walked and walked..

we went to kinokuniya ( i didn't know how to spell it, sorry), then went to the other shops.. pipah, keira and nana hadn't arrived yet..

after we performed Zohor solah, we went to the McDonald's to grab on something to eat since we were starving.. asilah ordered french fries for her and an apple pie for me.. she said, it was her treat (^^,) i hadn't eat apple pie for almost 2 years.. (long time huh?)

then.. keira, nana and pipah arrived..

we ate at the Burger King.. Keira's treat!

after bid farewell, we separated..


i was so exhausted..

but happy at the same time..

what a day...


damn it!

so, what i just want to say is,
i feel like to kill someone right now!!
that f***ing boy was so annoying...
i hate him so much!!
why on earth he has to come in the picture, i mean,
what the hell he is doing with my life?
he is miserable..
i wish he has gone,..
forever and ever..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

new moon..

the twilight saga- NEW MOON is coming to the theatre!!
i really,really cant wait to watch it..
man, the story is damn cool..
eventhough i haven't read the books, but still, i love the story..

the actors, of course robert pattinson and taylor lautner are really cute+hot+gorgeous!!
i have mega crushes on them!!!
especially on robert pattinson!! :)
can't wait to watch it...

Friday, November 20, 2009

the exam was over, the break is waiting for me?!!

ok, welcome home!
yeah, i'm pretty sure that it has been a long time i don't blogging.
so, start from now on,
i will write my blog in English, as i want to improve my English..
so first and foremost, i would like to say sorry if there are lots of gramatical errors..
i'm still learning, ok?

ok, enough for it..
now, what i want to talk about is my exam.
ok, the exam was over already,
and my heart leapt with joy as the stressful week was over.
i was so glad that i managed to finish it with any problems at all...

the exam started 4th November - 18th November..
almost 3 weeks..
it was really hard+stressful week, as i didn't get enough sleep for that.
the most stressful week was week 2 because the critical and challenging and (whatelse to describe..??) subjects @ subjek maut were going to be tested on that week.

we had bio, pai, english, history and physics on the same week!
darn, it was really painful for me.
i felt that my brain was really heavy ( i didn't know how to describe it ) since there were lots of things that i needed to read, memorize and much more..

so much to do, so little time..
quote from Mary Kate and Ashley's book, So little time's series.

the night before the history's test, i stayed up all night just to read the History's text book.. i didn't prepared anything for it. (sigh)

during the next morning, i felt like my brain was stucked. i hardly made my essay's question. :(
ohmigosh.. i didn't know what to say.. i'm just hope for the best..

next.. physics test..
i thought that i want to stay up all night just like yesterday..
i really did it..
accompanied by 2 or 3 cups of hot nescafe ( i couldn't remember)..
but still, i couldn't finish read the whole chapters!
after perfomed the Solat Sunat Tahajjud and Hajat, i continued reading the book.
i felt like i wanted to vomit right away. i couldn't stand it at all. my brain had stucked!

so, next morning during the physics (paper 1 ) test, i felt like to kill myself. i hadn't finished read the book, and i can't find the answer. before i handed my answer sheet to the invigilator, i prayed and tawakkal to Allah. I hoped for the best. As for paper 2, i tried to answer it better than the paper before. Alhamdulillah, i guessed i had try and give my very best for it..

i didn't know what to say..
these papers were totally whacked!
seriously, i felt pretty bad after those papers. i'd pulled all my efforts and i'd gave my very best for it.. just see how the results were..

ahh..i was hoping that my results would never be too bad..
nothing else to say..

hani yasmin yahaya,
21st november 2009
12:07 a.m.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


today is my first class after the holidays..
well, i'm so not into it..
my modd, mind was at home..
i really wished that i could extend my holidays.. ( i wish to, but it really won't happen.. trust me!)

so, today..
i got tons of homework to be done!
(seriously, i feel like to vomit anyway, can i?)
stressful week has began!!

okay, that's all i guess..
i have to get back to my work.
see ya' again next time!


Friday, September 25, 2009

memory in maresmag- part II;blok merbau..

BLOK MERBAU (2006 - 2008)

ah, missed this villa..( at least i didn't call it prison right? )

so, my block ni setingkat je..x yah susah payah nak naik turun tangga.. hahaha~

so, bilik ak..hehehe~


the greatest room of all..bilik yg bersih pun ye gak!
almaklumlah.. kami ni sume menitik beratkan kebersihan..hahaha~

in front of our room

so, cter psal blok merbau, x sah la klu x cter psal p'tdbiran 'villa' ni cm ne kan.

hehehehe~ so, p'tdbiran.. msti la kne ade pres, vice pres, secretary and all that..

++ nur hanis athirah bt asri++

++asilah bt zainal++
vice president

++ hani yasmin bt yahaya++

++ lailatul syazwani bt zainal++
( sorry, but i didn't have her pic)

so basically, ni la tunjang blok merbau.
the most glorious, glamorous and happening blok ever!!

actually, ade lagi AJK2 bwhn..
such as..

-khaira (biro makanan)

-amalina (biro disiplin & keselamatan)

-azarith (biro keceriaan)

-farah adila (biro sukan)

-farah afiqah (biro kebajikan)

-alyani (biro tugas2 khas)


so together we stand, together we united! merbau GEN XIV rocks!

wajah- wajah ceria puteri- puteri blok merbau (batch 14)


hani yasmin haji yahaya
blok merbau (2007/2008)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

hani's blurb..

actually, dh bosan sgt2..
mls gle nk wat.. bia kan je la.. sebok je.. org nk cuti la..

tp, klu kat mktb..
punye la nk sgt blik kan?
tuh la lumrah..
cm ngade2 pun ade gak!
ape la yang aku merepek2 nih..
hurm..rndu pulak kat mktb aku tuh..
cmne la katil ak?class aku.. (especially tmpat aku lah)..
jgn dibuat nye ade tetamu yg x diduga suda..

so, this is my bed.. tp cadar tuh, gerik punya.. well, ak x brape suke cadar TGB cuz wrne dye putih.. mak aii.. kesan kotoran senang nmpk! (ayt klu iklan kat TV)

hurm.. dunno what to say more..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

World's Hardest Test

Preparing today for the standardized test
our teacher said there was a lot to digest.
We'd have to divide by the square root of three
and learn to spell zygote, façade and marquis.

We'd need to play xylophone, trumpet and flute,
accordion, banjo, piano and lute,
recite all the capital cities by heart
and learn to take rocketship engines apart.

We'd have to speak Latin, Swahili and Greek,
learn nuclear fusion and fencing technique,
remember the fables of Persia and Rome
and crack all the codes in the human genome.

Then just when we thought that our heads might explode
from learning Chinese or dissecting a toad
she told us the very best thing she could say:
that she was just kidding; it's April Fool's Day.


first of all, i would like to wish, all the muslims,


i also would like to appologize for all my wrong doings..
well, i'm just a normal human being that always made mistakes..
sorry guys!

so, raya this year, as usual..
blek kg la kn..
parents ak mengamalkan sistem giliran..
so this year thn ktrunk beraya kat kg belah ayh ak dulu kat melaka..

so, raya kat melaka blh thn la..
even x semeriah kat meru, klang..

- sabtu, 19/9/09-

we'all arrived kat kg around 10 a.m cm tuh la.. ktrunk b'tolak after subuh.. alhamdulillah. traffic x jammed.. klu terkandas dlm jammed.. aduyai.. x sggup ak.. dh la puase.. tp sabar je la kan.. nk wat cmne..
bulan ramadhan kena byk bersabar..

after smpai kat kg, ak trus tlg mak ngan m.cik2 ak msk.. even actually, ak ni mmg buta bab masak2..

pas siap sume, aku syahid.. hahaha~ tdo la.. pe lg..

-ahad, 20/9/09-

pagi raya..
kedengaran suara takbir bergema sayup2 di angkasa..
selepas mengambil beberapa minit,
aku akhirnya dapat mengenalpasti bahawa suara yang bertakbir kat surau tu suara ayah aku.
aku pastuh gi toilet, mandi, amik wudhu'..
mak aii..
air sejuk gila!!!

pas mkn, family aku ngan family pak uda ak ( except mak uda) gi solat raya kat masjid..
time dgr khutbah kan, ade la m.cik2 yg potpet2 kt blkg mak ak ngan ak..
sabo je la..
dorunk ni kekdg .. ak nk kte jahil agama, kejam sgt la pulak..
bukn ape..
x kan la x taw hukum hakam agama..
org klu time khutbah, kite kne dgr.. jgn bising..
ni x..
rancak btul berbual..

pas tu, ktrunk sume gi kubur nenek, atuk and m.cik ak..
nenek ak meninggal diz year..
abg nenek aku pun meninggal diz year, tp awl thn..
nenek ak bulan sya'ban.
aku pun smpat melawat kubur moyang ak..
sebak juga dada..
walaupun x menagis, tp..
bila pikir2 blik, bila2 masa je kan Allah boleh cabut nyawa kita..

so, after that, ktrunk 1 famiyl..(family ak je ah) gi kdai gmbr..
amek gmbr family..

pastuh, bru la blik kg..
b'maaf2an.. amik gmbr sesama and gi beraya..
so that's all for now...
jumpe lagi!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


i bet every body mst knal kn ngan kartun2 comel ni..
ak start jatuh cinta ngan dorunk2 ni sume last year..
lpas asilah introduce kan depa kat aku..
suke lagu theme dorunk..
bg sesape x taw, actually happy tree friends ni haiwan2 yg comel.. kisah dorunk ni mcm2..
pndek kte.. kisah2 dorunk ni berkisar tentang daily life dorunk la..mmg comel sesgt!!

All 20 characters from the show from left to right: Disco Bear, Petunia, Nutty, Flaky, Cuddles, Toothy, Splendid, Giggles, Russell, Flippy, Shifty, Handy, Lifty, Cub, Lumpy, Pop, The Mole, Sniffles, Mime, Cro-Marmot

antara aksi2 melampau mereka...




mostly, ak ske Giggles, Cuddles & Toothy... pling x ske LUMPY..


LUMPY tuh mcm x de prasaan je..

sket hati je nengok..


nme pun LUMPY kan ..kan??


to this is their video..

antre yg ak minat..

Friday, September 11, 2009

at last free!!!

hahaha~ actually, aku skunk ni sbjek SK.. hahaha~ memandangkan cgu msuk class lmbt.. so skunk ni ktrunk free utk wat ape sje..
and of course, surf tenet ialah pkr yg pling menyeronokkan!

hurm.. so, this week we all ade UPSS2..
for heaven's sake!
lega gler bler dh hbes..
trase mcm dunia in aku yg punya..

stress woo spjg mgu ni..
dgn stayed up lmbt..
tdo x ckup..
den, sahur pun x gi..
sdih gila!

hr ni, aku planned nk gi sahur kat DS..
ye la..
mknan arini ayam..
mengidam dh lame dah nk mkn ayam time sahur..
alih2.. bgun kul 5.30!
mmg sdih gila..
tp nk wt cmne kn..
sabar je la..
name pun dugaan kn?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

majlis berbuka puasa..

smlam.. aku ngan family aku gi bukak puase kat luar..
ktrunk gi kat restoran seri melayu, kl..

at first, mmg x sabar gler..
excited nk bukak puase kat rmh..tapi, alih2.. jln jammed truk!mak datuk..
bygkn la..stucked kat traffic jammed cmne..
aduyai!!sabar je la..bulan ramadhan..pulak tuh..spjg p'jlnan..byk pulak keta yg rosak.. aiseymen....

hurm.. plak tuh en.. dh nk bukak.. aiyoyo.. aku rse cm nk vomit time tuh jugak.. well, actually ak ni kekdg buknnye blh travel sgt.. i mean, sometimes aku ni mudah rse loya + mual bler dok dlm keta lme2.. huhuhu~ pas2,ak try pejam mate..tdo le lg.. lea skit.. but, when i woke up.. still lg terkandas ngan traffic jam! gosh!! ya Allah.. mmg sbr la..

actually, ayh ak dpt cll dr kwn dier.. kte, trowong smart tuh pn jammed.. alamak! jammed lg ke kn? adoi!! ble msuk, awl2 tuh tgk x.. ble dh msuk ke dlm sket.. masya-Allah.. hurm.. tgh2 menikmati panorama jammed di dlm terowong 2.. ak nmpk satu taxi ni.. rosak.. AND THE MOST TOUCHING PART IS .. ADE POMPUAN YG KENA TOLAK TAXI TUH!!

mmg sdeyh gler la tgk.. huhuhu~ i guess, dorunk 1 family, wife dye mybe x reti drive kot.. that's why la husband dye sruh pmpuan tuh tolak taxi tuh.. mmg menyayat hati.. ank2 kecik2.. ramai pulak tuh.. den,, smpi spruh jln, ank dye yg sulung (kot) tp yg besa sket la tlg mak dye.. mmg touching scene la..sedeyh gila.. aku istighfar je la.. den, ble smpai 1 part, jln dye berbukit.. anak ngan mak tuh cm x larat.. at last ayh dye pun trun.. tlg tolak..
huwaaa!! sdih sgt2..

restoran tuh.. kebulur yg amat! smpai2, ade waiter hulurkn kurma! yay!!! hahaha~ den, biase la.. mkn2.. not bad la mknan tuh.. ( winkwink~)


that's all i guess.. bye2..
at last.. smpai kat

Friday, August 28, 2009






















Monday, August 24, 2009

Batch 14

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Yeah, as u guys can see from the topic above.. batch 14 (a.k.a Generation XIV @ 14th Gen)..
That was my batch when I was in GERIK MJSC. Huhuhu~ the greatest batch of all.. it was my batch..
Even though, some people might say that our batch was not good as before, but we managed to strive you know, the infinite excellence... (no need to say about it..) we became the legend at GERIK though.. hahaha~

Ok, enough for that..
What I want to say here is that,


You know what, I really, really, really miss GERIK MJSC sooooooo much!

GERIK MJSC such a great school or maybe I should call it, THE BEST SCHOOL EVER! Trust me, you’ll never find such a great school in the world other than GERIK MJSC!

As for me, GERIK MJSC is the best school I’d ever been!

At there, you’ll find the best and dedicated teachers, the kind staffs that will always help you whenever you in trouble, the great friends- help you, guide you, always be with you whenever you are having trouble or whatsoever, good infrastructure – you will have a locker each!

And huge room (at least 20 person can enter a room at one time isn’t it?).

Plus, you’ll have a good condition of locker and bed!

That’s awesome you know!

I don’t know if you like it or not, but I really miss all that things... ahhh!!

I wish I could change back all that stuffs... I wish I could return back all the sweet moments at GERIK... but, what would I do? The time cannot be changed right? We have to move on... whenever we like it or not… duhhh!!

Hurm.. what else? Ah, I miss all my friends at there... u see; I didn’t have such a glamorous life at GERIK... NO GLAMOUR GANG OR CLIQUE! Hehehe~ but, we were so close... whenever we eat, play, pray, study... we’ll do it together... at first, we didn’t get too close... maybe some of us, yes! But, I didn’t remember how it was started. It just came just like that... hahaha~

It was all began when we were in Form 2... We started to be close to each other...

Hasma (a.k.a Ma)
Hanis (a.k.a Han)
Saz (a.k.a Saz)
Asilah (a.k.a Silah)
Hilda (a.k.a Hil)
Khaira (a.k.a Keira)
Anis (a.k.a Ben)

Miss you guys soo much.. (except for saz and

I wish that, we could unite together... remember our ‘kenduri’ during Ramadhan at MR24? Remember that we always hanging around at MR21 until that Ms. Karl or Cikgu Siti scolded us to light off and get into sleep? Remember that we always play with our cells after the light off (I mean, bedtime)...huhuhu~ I missed all that... it was really nice being with you guys...

(now in Malay)

Ma- ko le roommate aku yg t’baik! Ko le best friend aku yg pling baek.. huhuhu~ sedeyh gler weyh.. aku x jmpe lg org yg mcm ko.. huhuhu~ klu kat gerik dlu, ko slalu ajk gi rmh ko.. mkn kuey teaw tom yam- fav kte sme2... kte slalu outing sme2 kn? Pling aku x lpe, time kite gabung katil dlu..igt lg x? hahaha~ lawak gler arr kte tdo.. (shh..keep it as secret!) and aku x lpe gak, time zmn jahil ..form 2 dlu kte gi sebat pokok rmbutan tmpt dak2 scout b’latih blkg DS tu.. igt lg x ma?

Han- kmu pn best friend kte jugak..kte mntk ampun and maaf klu dlu kte lme x tgr kmu kn? Ala.. zmn kte perang dunia dlu..psal mnde kecik je kn? Huhuhu~ kte rse bodo pulak kite nih.. dh le almost a month kte x b’tgur sapa kn? Hahaha~ ngalah kn bdk2 kecik.. tp..kmu la kwn kite yg baik.. kmu slalu bg kte mknan ble kite menjelajah ke bilik kmu.. ad je la..coklat.. mcm2..

Silah – hehehe~ silah.. kmu slalu jd rival t’dkat kite.. pape pun..kite hope kmu truskn kcmrlgn kmu kat gerik 2 kat mne2.. kte taw, kmu blh.. kmu genius silah..kmu hebat.. kte jelez ngan kmu.. dh x de la lg org nk belai2 kepala kte silah mcm kmu.. kte rndu la.. huhuhu~ and kte rindu nk pgg kmu nyer taik lalat..hahaha~

Hil – aha! Kmu pn sme hil.. kmu baik sgt2 ngan kte.. kmu slalu tlg kte kn? Hahaha~ dlu slalu jd org tgh kn kmu.. sian kmu.. kte slalu nyusahkan kmu.. ade2 je kn kte.. dgn ego kte yg tggi.. huhuhu~ tp, don’t worry hil.. kte try to be matured.. hahaha~ independent le sket kn kte org.. hihihi~

Alin – lin..kecik!! hehehe~ even saiz kite sme.. tp ko lg lincah dr aku.. aku ni cm bdk2,tp x le selincah ko..ko sokmo ngan volleyball. ko slalu gila2.. aku igt lg, time XYC Form2, ko wat tikus mondok before tdo kn? And ko igt lg x, kte wat roller coaster kat 1 katil tuh? Hahaha~ lwk gila ah ko.. and aku x lpe lg, adegan ko ngan nawi mse awl2 form2, korg bersuap mkn swiss roll.. lwk gila! Cm bapak ngan ank..

Ben- hihihi~ ben!! Jiran sblh bilik aku.. aku mtk halal dr ko.. ko slalu kn jd mgse pau aku.. ye la.. aku slalu pau ko nyer mknan.. bukn sket, tp byk.. sian ko kn? Halal yer ben!!

Pipah- pipah si chubby!! Hehehe~ dh x leyh dah aku nk main cubit2 pipi KO pipah.. rndu gila.. ko msti rndu ngan pipi aku ni en? Hahaha! Aku bertmbh montok le aku rse.. mkin berisi pipi ak nih! Hahaha~ kli ni dh xde h org yg akn ak tnye, “eh, cuti ni ko blik naek ape?”,”tiket bas ko dh bli?”, “seat num brape?”. Tggl kngn je sume tuh

Nana- bear!! Hihihi~ ko hroom aku yg pling aku rpt dlm klgn pmpuan.. huhuhu~ ak dh x jmpe dah hroommate yg mcm ko.. dh x de dah org yg ceria2 cm ko..

Fatin – fatin.. ah rindu le ngan ko.. bile lagi la aku dpt jmpe ko.. ko jaun nun di gerik.. aku ni ha.. mak datuk!! Aiya!! Tp, ak hrp, 1 hr nnt, kte dpt jumpe… rindu sgt dgn ko.. rindu nk dgr ko ketawa.. XD

Nisah- ko ni sporting.. aku rndu nk dgr suare ko.. ye la..ko slalu bercerite ngan aku..kite slalu share2 stories kn nisah? Hope dpt jmpe ko 1 hr nnt.. ye la.. ko dh jauh.. nun kat pntai timur.. bile le aku dpt jejak kn kaki aku kt sne..??

SAZ AND KEIRA- hehehe~ utk korunk, since korunk still sme ngan aku.. ak x de rr byk nk ckp.. tp korunk mmg baek.. uh x dpt nk dinafikan lg le.. slalu blnje aku la.. mcm2.. best nan korunk.. aku hope kte still together smpai U nnt..insya-Allah.

the picture of us... i really miss them...

I guess that’s for now.. do keep in touch! Love u guys!! U guys rock the world!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


lame kn aku dh x tulis kat blog ni..
harap bukak je..
tp x de kesempatan nk tulis..

ckp sal result exm sem lpas aku..
alhamdulillah, aku dpt 3.90
tp tuh en..ranking num 25 dlm batch au..
sedeyh gler ah..
nvr give up en?
whatever la..

guess what
aku dpt jd ldp..
cm klaka je en..
seriously, at first ak un cm x cye gak!
apply mnde lain, mnde lain ak dpt..
syukur alhamdulillah..

utk pengetahuan sume..
nenda kesayangan aku tlh pulang ke rahmatullah pd tanggal 12 Julai 2009..
a day before ujian selaras aku..
aku lsg x get ready utk amek exam..
jwb pn ikut dan aku jer..
rsult cam hampeh!

pe lagi ea
aku un x taw la nk tls pe lagi..
see ya later..

with all due and respect ;

Friday, May 8, 2009

hani yahaya turns to 16!!

today is my day,

today is my birthday,

happy, happy birthday to me!


today is my 16th birthday, and that means, i'm now 16 years old, not 6 years old any more! hahaha~

sweet 16!i guess, everybody couldn't wait for their sweet 16, so do am i..

so far, i didn't receive any present at all, but never mind.. it's ok..

hahaha~it doesn't matter at all, as long as u wish me! hehehe~

i really2 appreciate to those who'd wished me.. thanks a lot for it!

credits for:

  • nana

  • ma

(these two people were the earliest person who greeted me..)

i guess that's all for now..


with all due and respect;

-hani a.k.a hyhy-

Saturday, March 14, 2009



i'm back!


so.. as u guys know.. aku skunk ni dh digelar tgbian.. hahaha~ mrsm tgb's student.. not gerik anymore.. though, i missed mrsm gerik sooooooo much!!

ok enough for that.. so aku m'dftr and menjejakkn kaki ke mrsm tgb pd 10/2/2009..

well pg tuh mmg berdebar2 gler rr.. ye lah.. nk msuk mktb bru weyh.. aduyai.. rse cm x nk gi un ade gak weyh!

pg tuh aku gi ngan ayh aku since mak aku kne gi keja.. adik2 aku sume skola.. hahaha~

well, first impression aku thdp mktb ni..
mktb ni besar.. sng nk sesat bg aku yg bru jejak kaki kat c2..
rse gembira ade, sedih un ade.. ye la.. gmbira sbb dpt msuk mrsm pkp, sedih sbb kne tgglkn gerik...

so.. this is my new college...

view from front.. gate dpn tgb..

ni plak view dr tebing dpn mktb...

"we strive for infinite excellence"

2 la moto tgb!

so..tuh je rr kowt aku rse.. aku un x taw nk ckp pe lg psal mktb aku since.. i'm a newbies there..
hahaha~ so , wish me luck! hope aku dpt maintain or maybe up lg dr ape yg aku penah dpt kat gerik!!



with all due and respect ;

hani a.k.a hyhy

Friday, March 13, 2009

graduation day!

The glorious 14th generation of Gerik MJSC


so, graduation...

klu org ckp..graduation (atau klu nk cpt, grad).. mesti org terbyg..pkai jubah gi amik sijil..


so..tuh la yg terjd kat aku and the rest of my beloved friends..

so, pd tanggal 1 Nov 2008.. (ayt skema la plak,hahaha~)

1 sjrh tlh terlakar dlm diari hidupku..

tp mlm before that.. ktrunk..

aku, azreen, wan, sarah, hanum, aidil, azrul, nik, azam (a.k.a aje-..x taw nk eja cmne), fahmi and farid of course b'tungkus lumus wt backdrop..

siyes weyh..

mmg letih gila..

bru aku taw cmne rse..

tp berbaloi weyh rse

bile tgk hr gemilang tuh berjye dgn jayanyer!

smbung cter psal grad lak..

pd hr tuh..196 form 3 students grad.. mmg hr tuh la hr pling bhagie utk sume org aku rse..

ye la..
ko nk grad.. spe x happy en? org gila un taw happy.. hahaha~
back to the topic above..

pd pg grad tuh.
after breakfast en..
aku lepak2 kat bilik hil ngan ma.. ngan aina..
pastu aku ngan ma makan keropok KOOP..


den dgar, cgu rosli sruh kumpul.
kelam kabut betulkn jubah, betulkan tudung..
dh arr aku kne beratur kat bah.dpn..
alih2 aku x de..
nawi ngan silah dh bising asl aku lmbt..


den, pas beratur..cgu rosli bg briefing sket2 den ktrunk un blh bla since nk berarak kol 8.45 x silap aku..

so.alkisah nye..

aku ngan saz gi arr teman ma gi umh tok sedare dier..
time teman tuh..tetibe mak sedare ma ajk ktrunk minum pg..
ktrunk un pe lagi...
bantai arr.
bau dier un dh sedap..

roti telur ngan teh o panas..


mmg msuk arr!!

ktrunk pnye rr mkn..smpai x sdar..
jam dh kol 8.45..
kelam kabut pakai beratur..
dah arr mulut penuh ngan roti..
aku smpai2 je..kena sound lg ngan nawi n silah..
nseb baek smpt smpai right on-time!
klu x..

hasma & aku - b4 msuk dwan..

saz, silah and aku..after that grand ceremony..
that's all i guess...
hahaha~ happee gila ar weyh time grad.. rse cam bru pas merdeka je rse...
with all due and respect ;
hani a.k.a hyhy

sweet moments 2007..

actually, kt thun 2007 ni byk gila memori yg best!
ye la..
bak kte ust rahim..
time form2 la nk tunjuk prgai en..
wat hal..
mentang2 dh ade jr..

time 2007 antare pkr yg pling best nyer rr..
time kne gi bli cat kat gerik..
time tuh rr antare sweet moments aku kat gerik!

..time 2 ktrunk nk cat klas.. (2 aman)
we’re the first one yg start usul nk cat klas..
ktrunk un kuar arr gi pekan gerik; aku, ma, hanis, farid, helmi, pullah & fahmi.
yg azabnyer..huhuhu~ dah arr kne naek bas nk gi kuar bli cat tuh kne naek bas..pnuh ngan laki..sbb mgu tu mgu outing laki.. mlu gler seyh.. dah arr ktrunk bertige yg pompuan nih ganjil cuz kluar juz pki bj skewl sbb mls nk iron bju batik..hehehe~

den..lps bli brg2.,nsb baek cgu satirah tolong bwkn sme brg2 ktrunk..
klu x naya ktrunk nk bwk naek bukit mktb..
huhuhu~ktrunk bli brg2 smpi x sdr..time’s up! dah kol 5 lbeyh..
ktrunk kne blk mktb b4 kol 6! fuh..dah naek bas..
tp..smpi kol 5.30 x gerak2..

farid dh mula cuak..tkt kne lah..dier en LDP.
at last..ktrunk decide tron dr bas.
Ma cll ayh dier sroh htr ktrunk blk mktb..
(thnx ma..u r our saviour!)

ktrunk choice..t’pkse b’himpit dlm keta ma..
yg plg x thn..farid&helmi dok dpn mcm ayh pangku ank..lwk seyh!
x thn aku nengok..nk t’gelak rse nyer..

ape2 un..klas ktrunk lawa seyh..after dicat dgn pnuh kerjasama..

he3! thnx a lot to ust rahim yg encourage and dare ktrunk utk wat diz thing..

2007 gak amat best..sbb aku dpt pointer which is unexpected..3.98..
Alhamdulillah..thnx kwn2 yg byk tolong..2A! i’ll nvr forget u guys.

being a XYC leader in 2007 meant a lot to me.. ye lah..bkn sng nk jd cgu tg x b’tauliah ni..nk ajr ank murid..fuh..bkn sng..kekdg tuh rse mls amanah cgu2..wat je lah ngan hati yg ikhlas..

2007-byk kngn phit of it ..aku klh dlm pilihanraya BWP.. x inspiration kat aku spy b’usaha ngan lbeh sket..i’m not blaming sape2 yg x vote aku.. the power is in your hands!
tp.. x kesah lah.. being a normal student un ajr aku leadership tuh cmne.. tp, x de r special mcm BWP..
Anyway, congrats to all batch 14’s BWP!

slaen 2 gak..2A ni syok cuz..memory yg aku x lpe..
gi kebun cgu midah.. best dowh..ktrunk gi hari isn klu x slp..
skip p’jumpaan hroom(",)..hahaha~
ktrunk ngan pnuh smgt naek bas umh cgu midah.
den visit kebun dia..kne lalu kubur lak tuh..T_T

dah lah lost pd awlnye..dpt panjat pokok dowh..pokok kat umh cgu midah rendang..x mcm pokok rambutan atok aku..tgi nk mampos!! best gler..lps mkn..ktrunk continue our journey ke sg!! syok..dpt mndi sg..rmi2 lak tuh..

pe lg eh?
byk dowh..
klu nk sruh aku cter 1,1..
mmg jenuh gila arr.
100000001 mlm un x hbes

kayh arr..
that's all for now..


with all due and respect ;

hani a.k.a hyhy...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

memories at maresmag...(part 1)


hehehe~ nme maresmag.. x kn nyer aku lpe..
maresmag is the best school ever..
and batch 14 is the glorious, greatest batch of all!
seriously, u gotta trust me!

actually, byk memories aku kt maresmag tuh..
mmg byk sgt.
pahit manis..
sume ade..
klu nk cter satu2..
mak aii..
jnuh aku..

firstly, aku cter arr memori aku time form 1..
biase rr
form 1..
time tuh bodo2 lg..budak hingusan lah kte kn..
so x de rr byk sgt kenangan..
tp yg pling best arr..
time khdmat msyrkt klas aku..

mmg best time tuh..
khdmt msyrkt yg kne mrah ngan cgu makky and pn zurina..
lwak gile..
ade ke ptt ktrunk gi basuh lantai dsb..
pnat mmg pnt, but we were totally having fun!
dh la time tuh bln puase, lg kat seminggu nk grad (for batch 12)..

tuh la kenangan time form 1 yg pling best..

first blog entry...

ok..this is my first entry for my blog.

hahaha~aku un x taw nk tulis mnde..
skunk ni un hmpir kol 4 a.m.
otak un agk2 cm dh hmpir mereng & sewel..
so..x de arr nk tulis pape..

hurm..kayh la..

happee reading!